Math Placement Test

The Math Placement Test is an important tool that determines a student's beginning placement level in math and science courses.  No course credit is given for the test, but it could help fulfill the basic math skills requirements for GE's.

There are two versions of the 75-minute web-based test: Test B (arithmetic, algebra, and geometry) and Test D (pre-calculus).  When students log in to the placement test, the computer will automatically select the correct test for students based upon their highest qualifying ACT/SAT score:

  • Students with an ACT math score of 24 or lower (SAT math score of 560 or lower), take Test B.
  • Students with an ACT math score of 25 or higher (SAT math score of 570 of higher), take Test D.
  • If the system indicates that a student is not required to complete the test AND he/she does not meet on of the exemption criteria below, please contact the Testing Center immediately by calling (614) 292-2241.
  • Please note that all domestic transfer students must start by taking the B test, while international students are permitted to take the D test.

Students that score high enough on Test B will automatically receive a computerized invitation to take Test D at orientation, which may result in a higher placement level.  If students have unreported ACT/SAT scores that qualify them for Test D please contact the Testing Center prior to taking the Math Placement Test by calling (614) 292-2241.

If you have a disability, contact us.  Students with disabilities should contact the Ohio State Office for Disability Service at (614) 292-3307 to make arrangements for taking the Math Placement Test prior to orientation.  Do not attempt to log in to the test before contacting ODS.

Who is exempt from the Math Placement Test?

All entering students are required to take the Math Placement Test unless one of the follow is true:

  • Students received transfer credit for a specific Ohio State math course (for example, the class shows as Math 1148 on their transfer credit report)
    • Students receiving general or deferred math credit, G000.xx or D000.xx, must have this credit evaluated by a math advisor in order to be exempt from the math placement test.
  • Students received AP Calculus test score prior to their orientation session and received a 3, 4, or 5 on the AB or BC exam.  Official results must be sent to Ohio State.
  • Students received IB scores and received a 4 or higher on the higher level math exam.  Official results must be sent to Ohio State.