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Welcome to Actuarial Club of Ohio State webpage! The primary goal of the Actuarial Club is to inform students about the actuarial profession and to facilitate networking between students and company representatives. We have several companies come to give presentations to the club during the autumn semester, and often these companies are looking for interns or full-time hires. Here, you will find a calendar with a schedule of events, answers to some FAQ’s, and contact information for faculty and our club officers. Fill out this form if you are interested in joining the Actuarial Club. Feel free to contact any of them if you have any questions that aren’t answered on this webpage.

     -Club Events
     -Study Groups
-Exam Material Exchange Program
-Job Alerts
-Visiting Companies

Club Events

Actuarial Science Club Officers 2020 - 2021

President - 2019 -2021 

Edison (Haocheng) GuEdison (Haocheng) Gu
Class Rank: Junior
Major: Actuarial Science and Data Analytics
Minors: Leadership
Past Internships:
     Nationwide Insurance


Read about Edison in this feature article:

OSU Actuarial Science Student Q&A with Edison Gu

Vice President of Outreach 

Neil Patel
Class Rank:
Major: Actuarial Science
Second Major: Finance


Vice President of Professional Development 

Michael KarlMichael Karl
Class Rank: Senior
Major: Actuarial Science






Morgan Gillespie

Morgan Gillespie
Class Rank: Sophomore
Major: Actuarial Science
Minors: Business, Insurance



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Actuarial Science Advisors

Chunsheng Ban (

Bradley Waller (

Athena Yiamouyiannis (

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Study Groups

Interested in studying with other students preparing for the same actuarial exam? Fill out the Study Groups Form with your contact information. We will get you in contact with other students who have shown interest in forming study groups. We support study groups for all of the preliminary exams.

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Exam Material Exchange Program

Studying for exams can be expensive if you’re buying brand new study manuals and books for every exam. Check out our Exam Material Exchange Program to find cheap study material! If you’re interested in purchasing any of the available items, please reach out to the owner. If you’re interested in adding your items to this list for sale, please reach out to Alex Cornacchia, our VP of Professional Development.

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Job Alerts

This brand new program will send biweekly email notifications about full-time and internship opportunities in the actuarial and insurance fields to anyone who signs up for our listserv. It will include opportunities from companies across the country and some even abroad. To sign up for this listserv, fill out the following form with your contact information. This is a supplemental resource to FutureLink.

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Visiting Companies

These are some of the companies that visit OSU.

  • Key Bank
  • Nationwide Financial
  • Humana
  • Principal
  • Grange
  • State Auto
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • State Farm
  • CNA
  • Ohio National
  • Aon Hewitt
  • Cigna
  • Encova
  • Westfield
  • Erie Insurance
  • Western & Southern Financial Group


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I am a senior who doesn’t have much experience, what should I do?

Visit a Career Prep Advisor in the ASC Career Services Center. They can help find opportunities that can be used to enhance your qualifications. Also look out for volunteer positions and research to help build up the resume.

I am a senior with experience but am not getting many interviews for full time, what should I do?

Meet with a counselor at Career Counseling & Support Services. They can assist with resume styling and places to apply.

I am a senior who is getting interviews but no job offers, what should I do?

Both the ASC Career Services and Career Counseling & Support Services can help by either giving mock interviews or giving tips to help improve interview skills.

I lost a recruiter’s contact info.

Contact Tell them which fair you attended and what organization the recruiter represented. It is not a guarantee that they can find the exact recruiter but should be able to get you in contact with the company.

I heard one of our officers had a published interview. Where can I find that?

You can find an interview with our president here.

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