Beyond the Classroom: Girls Exploring Math

Beyond the Classroom: Girls Exploring MathematicsBeyond the Classroom: Girls Exploring Math (BtC-GEM) is a non-residential summer program sponsored by the OSU Department of Mathematics. This program invites young women entering the 10th, 11th or 12th grade to experience mathematics through engaging activities in an untraditional environment. Led by a staff of enthusiastic math professionals, participants build confidence in their math and programming abilities and develop a deeper understanding of a variety of topics, including mathematical and algorithmic reasoning and problem solving skills.

BtC-GEM provides a supportive atmosphere that allows experimentations and computations outside of the standard secondary curriculum.  The goal of this program is to create a deeper appreciation of mathematics in an audience who has not developed a strong interest in mathematics-related careers through traditional instruction.

Additionally, these young women are challenged with activities designed to demonstrate the importance of math and programming skills in the current age of technology and advancement. Emphasis is placed on learning skills and ideas that, in practice, allow for discovery. In the final days of this program, students engage the acquired mathematics and coding skills on a project.

BtC-GEM is, above all, about fun. The program invites attendees into a world of mathematics which exists outside of their textbooks.  This program illustrates why mathematicians love mathematics and aims to spark that interest in a generation of bright, young women.

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