Master of Mathematical Sciences (MMS)


Headstart Training

Admitted students are required to arrive 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the Autumn semester in order to participate in our Headstart Training teaching preparation program, which is prerequisite for holding a GTA appointment. Further academic preparation activities are scheduled during this time and vary from year to year as the programs develop further. Exceptions can be made only for students who are offered university fellowships and typically involve a one-year deferment of the summertime training. Monetary compensation is provided for participation in Headstart.


Each specialization requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of required core and elective coursework. You can review the detailed requirements by selecting your program link. 

Summer Project

Each student is required to complete a summer project during the Summer Term between the first and second year. Summer projects are individually arranged and approved by the advisor. The project may have two mentoring faculty, one from mathematics and one possibly from another department. 

Advising and Thesis Research

By the end of the Autumn Semester of the second year each student must select a Master's Faculty (Thesis) Advisor, and submit a Change of Advisor form to the Graduate Office. The Master's Faculty (Thesis) Advisor needs to be a Mathematics Department faculty member of category M level or higher. Typically (but not necessarily) this is the mentor for the summer project.

Thesis research and writing will occur during the second year, and should be completed by the end of the spring break of the second year. During this time students should be signed up for MATH 6999 with the supervising Master's Faculty (Thesis) Advisor.

Master's Exam and Graduation 

The master's thesis will be written during the second year under the supervision of the Master's Faculty (Thesis) Advisor, and prepared in compliance with university rules. The thesis should be completed early during the Spring Semester. All students are expected to apply to graduate with Master's of Mathematical Sciences (MMS) degree via the Thesis Option before the second Friday of the Spring Semester of their second year. In order to apply, a student also has to choose a second member of the examination committee by the beginning of the same semester. This has to be a graduate faculty member but may be from another OSU unit related to the specialization. Typically (but not necessarily) this can be the second mentor of the summer internship. The Non-Thesis Option is not open to MMS students. The oral examination has to be scheduled and passed during the Spring Semester of the second year, after submission of a draft of the thesis. An additional written examination is not required. The thesis needs to follow university formatting guidelines, be approved by the committee, and be submitted to the Graduate School and OhioLink. For further details see Section VI of the Graduate School Handbook.

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