2001 MRI Preprints

2001-1: G. Khimshiashvili, Hyper-holomorphic Cells and Fredholm Operators, 02/08/01

2001-2: M. Davis, T. Januszkiewicz, and R. Scott, Fundamental Groups of Blow-Ups, 03/23/01

2001-3: Luis Casian and Yuji Kodama, Twisted Tomei Manifolds and Toda Lattice, 04/03/01

2001-4: D. Burghelea and S. Haller, Non-Contractible Periodic Trajectories of Symplectic Vector Fields, Floer, Cohomology and Symplectic Torsion, 04/05/01

2001-5: O. Costin and S. Tanveer, Existence And Uniqueness Of Solutions Of Nonlinear Evolution Systems Of n-th Order Partial Differential Equations In The Complex Plane, 04/20/01

2001-6: Xuming Xie and Saleh Tanveer, Rigorous Results In Steady Finger Selection In Viscous Fingering, 04/23/01

2001-7: Michael W. Davis and John Meier, The Topology At Infinity Of Coxeter Groups and Buildings, 04/27/01

2001-8: Lee J. McEwan and András Némethi, The zeta-function of a quasi-ordinary singularity, 05/10/01

2001-9: C. Ogle, Simplicial Rapid Decay Algebras And Applications To Topological K-Theory, 05/25/01

2001-10: C. Ogle, Polynomially Bounded Cohomology And Discrete Groups, 05/25/01

2001-11: Bostwick F. Wyman, Poles, Zeros, and Sheaf Cohomology, 06/13/01

2001-12: Bernhard Krötz and Robert J. Stanton, Holomorphic Extension Of Representations: (I) Automorphic Functions, 06/26/01

2001-13: Michael W. Davis, Exotic Aspherical Manifolds, 07/02/01

2001-14: Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Smoothness Of Schrödinger Operator Potential In The Case Of Gevrey Type Asymptotics Of The Gaps, 07/27/01

2001-15: Thomas Kerler, Homology TQFT's and the Alexander-Reidemeister Invariant of 3-Manifolds via Hopf Algebras and Skein Theory, 10/02/01

2001-16: Thomas Kerler, p-Modular TQFT's and Torsion, 10/02/01

2001-17: Thomas Kerler, Towards an Algebraic Characterization of 3-dimensional Cobordisms, 10/02/01

2001-18: Thomas Kerler, Resolutions of p-Modular TQFT's and Representations of Symmetric Groups, 10/02/01

2001-19: Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Spectral Triangles of Schrödinger Operators with Complex Potentials, 10/08/01

2001-20: M. W. Davis, T. Januszkiewicz, and S. Weinberger, Relative Hyperbolization and Aspherical Bordisms, 10/23/01

2001-21: Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Spectral Gaps Of The Periodic Schrödinger Operator When Its Potential Is An Entire Function, 10/29/01

2001-22: M. W. Davis and I. J. Leary, Some Examples of Finite Group Actions On Aspherical Manifolds, 11/13/01