2002 MRI Preprints

2002-1: G. Banaszak, W. Gajda, and P. Krason, A support problem for the intermediate Jacobians of \( l \)-Adic representations  [pdf], 1/28/02

2002-2: Saleh Tanveer and Xuming Xie, Analyticity and nonexistence of classical steady Hele-Shaw fingers [pdf], 1/31/02

2002-3: G. F. Birkenmeier, J. K. Park, and S. T. Rizvi, Generalized triangular matrix rings and the fully invariant extending property [pdf], 1/31/02

2002-4: G. F. Birkenmeier, J. K. Park, and S. T. Rizvi, Modules with fully invariant submodules essential in fully invariant summands [pdf], 1/31/02

2002-5: G. F. Birkenmeier, B. J. Müller, and S. T. Rizvi, Modules in which every fully invariant submodule is essential in a direct summand [pdf], 1/31/02

2002-6: J. Lang,  Improved estimates for the approximation numbers of Hardy-type operators [pdf], 2/18/02

2002-7: M. W. Davis and I. J. Leary, The \( l^2 \)-Cohomology of Artin groups [pdf], 2/19/02

2002-8: R. Charney, J. Meier, and K. Whittlesey, Bestvina's normal form complex and the homology of Garside groups [pdf], 3/5/02

2002-9: A. Derdzinski and G. Maschler, Special Kähler-Ricci potentials on compact Kähler manifolds [pdf], 6/5/02

2002-10: K.T. Arasu and S. Sehgal, Cyclic difference covers [pdf], 6/5/02

2002-11: A. Derdzinski and T. Januszkiewicz, Immersions of surfaces in Spin\(^{c}\)-Manifolds with Higgs fields [pdf], 8/12/02

2002-12: J. Lang, O. Mendez, and A. Nekvinda, Asymptotic behavior of the approximation numbers of the Hardy-Type operator from \(L^{p}\) into \(L^{q}\) [pdf], 9/10/02

2002-13: D. E. Edmunds and J. Lang, Behavior of the approximation numbers of a Sobolev embedding in the one-dimensional case [pdf], 9/11/02

2002-14: J. Lang, A. Nekvinda, and L. Pick, Boundedness and compactness of general kernel integral operators from a weighted Banach function space into \(L_\infty\) [pdf], 9/24/02

2002-15: Yuqing Chen, H. H. Glover, and C. A. Jensen, On automorphism groups of free products of finite groups, l: proper actions [pdf], 11/05/02

2002-16: Andrzej Derdzinski, Curvature-homogeneous indefinite Einstein metrics in deminsion four: The diagonalizable case [pdf], 11/18/02

2002-17: Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Spectra of \(1D\) periodic Dirac operators and smoothness of potentials [pdf], 12/16/02