2004 MRI Preprints

2004-1:  Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Multiplicities of the Eigenvalues of Periodic Dirac Operators [pdf], 01/07/04

2004-2:  K. T. Arasu, A. K. Bhandari, Siu-Lun Ma and S. Sehgal, Regular Difference Covers [pdf], 02/04/04

2004-3:  J. Lang, The best n-dimensional linear approximation of the Hardy operator and the Sobolev Classes on unit circle and on line [pdf], 02/17/04

2004-4:  M. W. Davis, J. Dymara, T. Januszkiewicz, and B. Okun, Weighted L2-cohomology of Coxeter Groups [pdf], 02/23/04

2004-5:  Andrzej Derdzinski, A Myers-Type Theorem and Compact Ricci Solitons [pdf], 03/02/04

2004-6:  J. Lang, Estimates for the Approximation Numbers and n-widths of the Weighted Hardy-Type Operators [pdf],  03/10/04

2004-7:  Dan Burghelea and Stefan Haller, Laplace Transform, Dynamics and Spectral Geometry [pdf], 05/04/04

2004-8:  O. Costin & S. Tanveer, Complex Singularity Analysis for a Nonlinear PDE [pdf], 06/03/04

2004-9:  Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Simple and Double Eigenvalues of the Hill Operator with a Two Term Potential [pdf], 06/10/04

2004-10:  Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Asymptotics of Instability Zones of Hill Operators with Two Term Potential [pdf], 07/10/04

2004-11:  D. Crowdy, S. Tanveer and G.L. Vasconcelos, On a Pair of Interacting Bubbles in Planar Stokes Flow [pdf], 06/22/04

2004-12:  Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin, Instability Zones of a Periodic 1D Dirac Operator and Smoothness of Its Potential [pdf], 08/05/04

2004-13:  Tadeusz Januszkiewicz and Jacek Swiatkowski, Simplicial Nonpositive Curvature [pdf], 11/29/04