2009 MRI Preprints

2009-1: Gary F. Birkenmeier, Jae Keol Park and S. Tariq Rizvi, 03/10/09, Principally quasi-Baer ring hulls [pdf]

2009-2: Gary F. Birkenmeier, Jae Keol Park and S. Tariq Rizvi, 03/10/09, The structure of rings of quotients [pdf]

2009-3: I. Chatterji, G. Mislin, Ch. Pittet, and L. Saloff-Coste, 04/24/09, On the bounded cohomology of Lie groups [pdf]

2009-4:  Andrzej Derdzinski, 05/12/09, Noncompactness and maximum mobility of type III Ricci-flat self-dual neutral Walker four-manifolds [pdf]

2009-5: Gary F. Birkenmeier, Jae Keol Park, and S. Tariq Rizvi, 09/03/09, A theory of hulls for rings and modules [pdf]

2009-6: David Edmunds and Jan Lang, 09/17/09, Generalizing trigonometric functions from different points of view [pdf]

2009-7: T. Januszkiewicz, P. H. Kropholler, and I. J. Leary, 10/26/09, Groups possessing extensive hierarchical decompositions [pdf]

2009-8: Ian J. Leary and Brita E. A. Nicinkis, 10/26/09, On groups acting on contractible spaces with stabilizers of prime power order [pdf]

2009-9: T. Hsu and I. J. Leary, 10/26/09, Artin HNN-extensions virtually embed in Artin groups [pdf]

2009-10: G. Arzhantseva, M.R. Bridson, T.Januszkiewicz, I.J. Leary, A.Minasyan, and J. Swiatkowski,10/26/09, Infinite groups with fixed point properties [pdf]

2009-11: Chao Xie and Gregory R. Baker, 11/28/09, Singularities in the complex physical plane for deep water waves [pdf]


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