Mathematics Advisory Board in Action

The Advisory Board participates in the seminar series “Math into Industry"

In 2016, we launched our new Mathematics Advisory Board (AB) to tap into the diverse expertise of our alumni. We are honored and grateful to have an Advisory Board, whose members have excelled in a wide variety of careers and pursuits related to the mathematical sciences and are invested in the success of their department. Members of the AB are friends of the department who joined the board through invitation. Many are alumni who believe the department was instrumental in their individual success.  Bios of our members can be found on Mathematics Advisory Board.

In October, 2017, the new Math Advisory Board had an opportunity to interact with students in a panel discussion as part of the seminar series, “Math into Industry." About 20 students attended the panel discussion lunch on October 28.  Assistant Professor Krystal Taylor moderated the discussion focusing on careers and how math degrees impacted students’ careers.

On October 29, the “Math into Industry,” seminar featured alumnus Dean Lampman, a member of the Advisory Board, as one of two speakers. Students had the opportunity to ask for advice from the experts on such things as “skills to develop to enter Industry,” and “next steps to take in academia.”


Sharing Buckeye Spirit

Dean Lampman PortraitMath alumnus Dean Lampman has seen a lot of the world. Between his travels across Europe, the Pacific Rim and the middle of the African continent, he has experienced a wide variety of different cultures.

However, wherever his travels take him, there’s always one thing that remains the same: hearing the unmistakable bellow of an “O-H” from a fellow alumni.

“The Ohio State alumni network is, I believe, one of the highest horsepower alumni organizations that exists,” Lampman said. “I haven’t gone to a country where I walk through the airport wearing an Ohio State shirt without hearing ‘O-H.’ It never fails to happen.”

Lampman, a member of the Class of 1992, is proud to be a part of a strong alumni community and tries to give back whenever he can. When he’s not performing his duties as the CEO and founder of Catalyft, LLC, a business improvement and advisory services firm, he serves on Ohio State’s Math Advisory Board. This role allows him to engage with current math students and provide them with a broader perspective on what jobs are available after graduation.

He believes his role as a mentor is important because he’s able to open students up to a wide variety of math-related careers outside the fields of academia and research.

“I think that if the math students don’t know what the opportunities are, they are picking from a set that is much smaller than what really exists, especially in math,” Lampman said. “The only way to get answers about opportunities in different industries is to ask.”

Lampman spoke at the Math into Industry seminar at Ohio State, where he highlighted the rise of data analytics, predictive and corrective data in the professional world.

“In a growing information age,” said Lampman. “It’s important to show students how the world is using math, emphasizing the importance of doing work that is meaningful and adds value to an organization.

“Whatever their job description is, they need to add value. It isn’t about what you do, it’s about the value you add from what you do,” Lampman said. “If you don’t know how you’re adding value, there’s little connection between the organization’s purpose and that of the work you’re doing.  And it’s the connection that provides the stimulus for forward-thinking ideas.”

In addition to his studies, Lampman said that a big part of his Ohio State experience was connecting with people who shared his interests. He still keeps in touch with the network of friends he made during his time as a Buckeye.

“The value we all share is the willingness to give back to Ohio State by serving on boards or as mentors to students.

“We all have the obligation to help if we want the university to evolve,” Lampman said. “We need to realize we have benefited tremendously from Ohio State and have an obligation to help prepare the next generation to lead us into the future."