Mathematics Proficiency Exams

Math Proficiency Exam Information and Registration

Math proficiency exams are in person, paper and pencil exams to be taken at the Testing Center.

Students who feel that their performance on the Mathematics Placement Test does not accurately reflect their mathematical skills, and those students who wish to qualify for more advanced courses, including Math 1181H, will have an opportunity to take a Proficiency Exam prior to the start of the autumn semester classes.

Signing up for the Proficiency Exam


View Autumn Mathematics Proficiency Exams for instructions and registration information. Students with disabilities should contact the Ohio State Office for Student Life Disability Services at (614) 292-3307 to make alternate arrangements for taking any math exam.

What do the proficiency exam scores mean?

Math advisors will email results from the exam to the student's Ohio State email account by 5 p.m. the next business day.

  • For scores of 80% or higher: students will be eligible to enroll in the next course in the sequence and will be granted credit for the course over which they tested.
  • For scores less than 80%: students need to remain in the math course indicated by their course code.

Changing Class Schedules

Students cannot change their class schedules before taking a proficiency exam. At orientation students may register only for math and science classes for which their original course codes qualifies them. If students qualify to advance after taking a proficiency exam, the Department of Mathematics will assist with schedule adjustments.

Additional Information

  • Students have only one chance to take this exam. If they do not pass, there are no further chances to advance.
  • Find a list of topics for specific math courses on the Courses section. Study for the exam because students who do not prepare generally give themselves little chance to move ahead.
  • Students interested in trying to advance two levels should schedule the first proficiency exam as early as possible before the beginning of autumn semester. If they pass the first one, they may schedule a second exam for later in the week.
  • When students submit reservations electronically, the Testing Center will send emails confirming the time and exam selection. Record this time and location – no reminder email will be sent.
  • Level L students (without Math 1151 credit) interested in enrolling in Math 1181H need to register for the Math 1151 exam.