BAMM @ The Library

This Fall we are offering workshops for adults and for youth at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning for adults

Problem-solving and mathematical reasoning skills are essential at the workplace and in life in general. To help adults develop those skills, we are offering a series of monthly workshops where we wll teach propositonal logic informally through puzzles. These will take place the first Saturday of each month at the Nothside Branch.

Recreational Mathematics for youth

The following workshops are available upon request from the Library's branches managers.

Playing with Math

Math is a lot more than what it's done at school, it can be fun and very exciting. In these workshops, children play games, solve puzzles, and build things. While doing this, they're exercising their mathematical thinking without being conscious of it. On a second stage, we explain the math behind and show how consciously thinking mathematically can help solve the problem in a faster, more efficient way. We have a wide variety of these activities that we choose from depending on the audience; in a single workshop we might link several activities. Some examples are tangram, origami, square bubbles, Tower of Hanoi, Nim, etc.

Mathemagic Show

Be amazed by our mathemagician amazing divination tricks and become an apprentice. Tricks vary in mathematical complexity and will be taught according to age.