BAMM @ The Museum

Nowadays, museums are more than just spaces to display collections of interest. Most museums offer a much richer experience through workshops, conferences, and other activities. BAMM is taking some of our workshops to museums across Ohio.

The Works

The Works, Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology is a hands-on museum in Newark about local history, art, science, and glassblowing. With 20 years of experience, they have a calendar full of activities. BAMM is joining regularly on a couple of their programs.

Curious Kids - Science workshops for children ages 2 to 6.

Girls Night In - Exploratory science, technology, mathematics, engineering and art activities designed for youth ages 9-14 and their favorite adult.


AHA! stands for A Hands-on Adventure, A Children's Museum. Located in Lancaster, AHA! focuses on educating young children in a world of discovery, curiosity and imagination through hands-on play. AHA!'s public are kids of 8 years and less. BAMM visited the museum for the first time on February 22 and had a math exhibit for the toddlers. We expect to make this a recurrent collaboration.