Transfer Credit Evaluation

Students should have their transfer credit evaluated before orientation, so they will be able to sign up for further coursework.

Students needing credit evaluated for Autumn 2017 will need to have materials submitted no later than 3 p.m. on Friday, August 11, 2017.  The only exception to this are students that had syllabi and materials pre-evaluated.

Note: Students that have not yet taken the course, need to receive a Pre-Evaluation. Do not follow these procedures.

Evaluating Transfer Credit

Students entering the university with transfer credit from other schools will encounter two scenarios:

  1. The courses are a well-known direct match to an OSU course and the registrar will automatically convert the credit upon receiving a final transcript
  2. The courses will temporarily be approved as general (G000.xx) or deferred (D000.xx) credit until the corresponding department can evaluate the course content and syllabus further to determine an OSU equivalent.

If students have math general (Math G000.xx) or deferred (Math D000.xx) credit, the they should follow the instructions for an evaluation to have their classes evaluated and approved as an OSU equivalent (if one exists).

Instructions for Transfer Credit Evaluation:

All math courses must be evaluated together. Students will need to submit the required materials for all math courses completed and/or currently enrolled in. Evaluations will not be given for individual courses if more than one math course has been completed.

Students must send the following from their OSU email account to have their classes evaluated. Requests for evaluations from non-OSU email accounts will not be accepted under FERPA guidelines.

  1. DARS Transfer Credit Report
  2. Detailed syllabus for each course to be evaluated
    • Including the name of the textbook, the author, a list of sections in the book covered, and a topic list breakdown.
    • Please note that course descriptions will not be accepted.
  3. In addition, international students need to provide:
    (only for courses taken outside of the U.S. or Canada)
    • Textbooks
    • Original syllabi with title of textbook and author (enclosed in a sealed envelope from previous university)
    • Certified translations of the syllabi with title of textbook and author
    • Copy of original transcript and a certified translation of the transcript


  • In-person evaluations will not occur.
  • Submitted materials will not be returned, except for textbooks.
  • Only materials submitted by the student will be accepted. Transfer materials submitted by other people will not be accepted.
  • Transfer credit will only be evaluated once. Transfer credit will not be re-evaluated.

Where to Send Materials

Transfer credit evaluations should be emailed to Students should only submit hard copy evalautions (mailed or in dropped off in person to Mathematics Tower 100) after classes have begun.

Email Address

Mailing Address for Transfer Credit
Attn: Math Advising Office
100 Mathematics Tower

231 W. 18th Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210


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