Taking Math Classes at Another Institution

Students interested in taking a math course at another institution to transfer back into OSU as a specific math requirement should always check the equivalency before taking the course. 

Before Taking a Course at Another Institution

Direct Equivalences

Students should first check online for known direct equivalencies that will automatically transfer into OSU as an equivalent course.  Direct equivalent courses will automatically be posted as the OSU equivalent. These course equivalencies can be found online at the Transfer Center via the "OSU Quick Equivalencies" link. Students should review the After Taking a Course at Another Institution section to view instructions about transfering the credit to OSU and signing up for further courses.

Pre-Evaluation Guarantees

If a student wishes to enroll in a course that is not a direct equivalent, the Department of Mathematics can provide a Pre-Evalaution guarantee. Students should visit Transfer Credit Pre-Evaluation to review instructions and submit a request for a transfer credit pre-evalaution.

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After Taking a Course at Another Institution

Transfer Credit Back to OSU

After completing a pre-approved course at another institution, the student will need to have an official transcript sent from the visiting institution to OSU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions for processing. The credit will then be posted to the student's account within one or two weeks.

  • If the course is posted as a direct equivalent, no further action is needed by the student.
  • If the course is posted as general credit, Math G000.xx, the student will need to contact the Math Advising Office.

Note: Students should only submit their Pre-Evaluation Guarantee for evaluation once the credit has been posted to their Buckeye Link.

Signing Up for Further Courses

Students will not be able to sign up for further math coursework at OSU until they have completed the course at their visiting institution and transferred the course to OSU. If the credit has not been posted to the student's OSU account, the student may request to be temporarially enrolled in the next math course at OSU by submitting the Math Transfer Credit Prerequisite Verification form.

  • Students will be asked to provide proof of passing their course.
  • If their request is approved they will be given temporary permission to enroll in their next course.
  • A final transcript must be received by OSU Undergradate Admissions by the 4th week of the semester; if not the student must drop themselves from the course due to insufficient prerequsites.

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