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Mathematics is a tool for understanding our world and helping to solve its problems.  Mathematical models are used in such diverse areas as determining the shape of aircraft wings for maximum lift, analyzing disease spread and control, and simulting network flow for efficient transportation systems.  Math also requires imagination - necessitating abstract and formalized thought on one hand, creativity and intuition on the other.  All people use math in their personal and professional lives every day.  Thus, almost all university students will take formal courses to acquire the use of mathematical tools.

The math major introduces students to the areas of real and complex analysis, number theory, abstract algebra, topology, logic, and other fields. Mathematical study can be designed to support different career goals, such as industrial employment, pre-professional education, or preparation for graduate school.

Our faculty routinely conduct interdisciplinary research combining several of the areas list above or collaborating with other departments, schools, and institutes on campus.  Most notably, the department is, jointly with the Department of Statistics, home of the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) - one of the 8 national math sciences institutes sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

OSU's Department of Mathematics is ranked 4th in the US in NSF funding for the Mathematical Sciences.  Recognitions also include regular multiple invitations of our faculty members as speakers to the prestigious International Congress of Mathematics.


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