Colloquium and Seminars

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The Colloquia of the Department of Mathematics are intended to be a vehicle for invited speakers to communicate to the entire department significant new developments in their fields of research, in a manner accessible to a broad mathematical audience. Graduate students and visitors are particularly welcome.  A Colloquium is normally held on Thursday afternoon at 4:15pm in Cockins Hall 240.  It is preceded by a tea reception at 3:15pm in Math Tower 724, and then followed by a dinner. 

Previous colloquia can be viewed on the OSU Math Youtube Channel.

Welcome Seminar

On Thursdays when colloqiua are not organized, the department hosts a Welcome Seminar. The goal of Welcome Seminar is to give an opportunity to new postdoctoral fellows and tenure track professors to introduce themselves to their colleagues. The talks are intended to be non-technical and accessible to graduate students as well. Welcome seminars are held on Thursdays when a colloquium is not organized at 4:30pm in Cockins Hall 240 and preceded by a tea reception at 4:00pm.


The Mathematics Research Institute provides financial support for off-campus speakers in the research seminars of the Mathematics Department.

Mathematics Research Institute Seminar Series

Algebraic Geometry Jim Cogdell K-Theory and Motivic Homotopy Theory Crichton Ogle
Analysis & Operator Theory Ovidiu Costin Logic Chris Miller
Applied Math Dongbin Xiu /
Chuan Xue
Math to Industry Krystal Taylor
Arithmetic Geometry Roy Joshua /
Eric Katz
Non-Commutative Geometry and Operator Algebras David Penneys
Combinatorics & Probability Elliot Paquette Number Theory Ghaith Hiary
Communitative Algebra Alan Loper PDE Adrian Lam
Computational Mathematics Yulong Xing Quantum Algebra and Quantum Topology Thomas Kerler
Differential Geometry Fangyang Zheng Quantum Information Science/ Quantum Computing Roy Joshua /
David Penneys
Ergodic Theory Dan Thompson Representations and Lie Theory Sachin Gautam
Geometric Group Theory Jingyin Huang Ring Theory Tariq Rizvi
Geometry, Combinatorics, and Integrable Systems David Anderson Topology Mark Pengitore
Harmonic Analysis and Automorphic Form Wenzhi Luo Topology, Geometry and Data Analysis Facundo Memoli
Homotopy Theory John Harper    

MBI (Mathematical Biosciences Institute) Seminars


Erdős Institute Seminars


Graduate Student Seminars


Other Department Seminar Series

Reading Classics Vitaly BergelsonWarren Sinnott What is ...? Vitaly Bergelson / Daniel Shapiro