Scheduling Math Classes

Students may encounter difficulties while scheduling classes. Students may not know the appropriate course to take or on many occasions students will require permission to enroll in a course. Students can view the different resources about scheduling math courses at OSU.

Students that have questions about math courses offered at OSU should visit the Math Courses page. Descriptions and full syllabi are listed for each courses, as well as what semesters each course is taught.

  • Math Course Progression Charts
    The Department of Mathematics offers over a 100 undergraduate courses. It may be difficult to figure out which courses to take in order to take another course. The Math Progression Charts are visual representations of the progression through the math courses taught at OSU. 
  • Calculus Sequence Options
    The Department of Mathematics at OSU offers 9 different calculus sequences. Students' major and academic background can make a determination about which calculus sequence is most appropriate. Students should review the different sequences and discuss with their academic advisor the best option for their program.
  • Permission to Add a Math Course Procedures
    Students that are not able to add a math course will need to receive permission from the Math Advising Office. Students should first review the procedures to receive permission to add a math course, as there are different procedures depending on the situation.
  • Time Conflict Procedures
    Students wishing to enroll in courses that have a time conflict may be permitted to enter the course. Students should review the approved reasons and procedures for enrolling in a course with a time conflict.
  • Waitlist, Closed, and Changing Sections Procedures
    Many students may be need to add a course but the course may be waitlisted or closed. The Department of Mathematics has a strict policy about enroll in full courses. Students should review the policy to understand how to enroll into one of these courses.
  • Repeating Math Courses Guidelines
    The Department of Mathematics at OSU has strict policies regarding students repeating math courses. Students wishing to repeat a course, whether passed or failed, should review the departmental policies.

Students that are unable to answer their question should contact the Math Advising Office.