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Employment Opportunities

Faculty Positions

Faculty hiring is an on-line process.  To view open positions, see OSU Jobs and/or Math Jobs.

The Department of Mathematics also accepts applications for Hans J. Zassenhaus and Arnold Ross Assistant Professorships. Candidates are expected to have a Ph.D. in mathematics and to present evidence of excellence in teaching and research. To view the current available positions, see Math Jobs.

Part-Time Lecturer Positions

Opportunities for part-time teaching are available on an as-needed basis. To view open positions, see OSU Jobs. Please note: Full-time teaching positions are only available for tenure-track and post-doctorate faculty.

Part-time lecturers are required to have a minimum of a master's degree in mathematics or math education. Extensive experience teaching college math or college-preparatory high school math is strongly desired.

Part-time lecturers are employed for both daytime and evening teaching, with various configurations in the daytime (e.g., daily or twice a week) and twice-a-week assignments in the evening.

Math Graduate Teaching Associateships

Students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in Mathematics are generally admitted with support in the form of a Graduate Teaching Associateship (GTA). It is not necessary to complete a separate application for a TA position when you apply for graduate admission in Math. Please note that the Math Department does not hire graduate students from other departments at the university as GTAs.

Here is more information about the graduate program in mathematics.

Undergraduate Teaching Associateships

The Department of Mathematics hires qualified undergraduate students of any major to assist us in our teaching efforts. Teaching Associate (TA) hiring takes place only once per year, with the application process and the screening, training, and hiring in Spring Semester. Hired TAs begin teaching in Autumn Semester.

You are encouraged to apply for a teaching associateship in Math if you possess the following qualities and meet the following requirements.


  • excellent communication skills,
  • an interest and enthusiasm for teaching, and
  • excellent proficiency in mathematics

Minimum Requirements:

  • undergraduate student status at OSU,
  • successful completion of at least one post-calculus course (numbered above Math 3000 on semesters or above Math 415 on quarters) before applying, and
  • good academic standing at OSU

Undergrad TAs currently receive a stipend of at least $5000 per semester for approximately 20 hours of work per week. Duties include teaching recitations, proctoring evening exams, grading, holding office hours, and tutoring.

The Application Process


The Math Department opens its annual search for qualified TAs on the first day of Spring Semester classes each year. Job applications are available at the reception counter in the Math Tower until Friday, March 1, 2024. There is no online application process.  Completed applications must be received by Friday, March 1, 2024. This is a firm deadline; no semester hiring is done throughout the academic year.

Decisions about support for the Autumn semester will be made by the end of Summer Semester.  TAs who are hired will begin teaching Autumn Semester.

It is not necessary to be a math major to be eligible for a TA position. Candidates must be available throughout Spring Semester for interviewing and training on campus.

If further information is needed, please contact John Lewis.

Tutoring Positions

Students with a strong mathematics background may be interested in hourly tutoring on campus in the Math and Statistics Learning Center. Please see MSLC for more information on tutoring opportunities.