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Mathematics Major

The Mathematics Major

Given that OSU is one of the largest universities in the nation, there are many opportunities campus-wide to tailor your experience to your specific interests. This is one reason why we are able to offer six tracks within our Mathematics major. We understand that while many individuals may be interested in mathematics, it may be for entirely different reasons. Our tracks are offered as a way to cater to those diverse interests within our field.

OSU math majors move on to jobs in industry including modeling, data analysis, and operations research. Majors are frequently accepted into professional schools such as medical, law, along with graduate programs in mathematics, physics, economics, business, education, statistics, and computer science. Preparation in these graduate programs may lead to careers in academia or in business, industry, or government sectors.

Major Tracks

Theoretical Mathematics Track

Theoretical Mathematics - Intended for students seeking a strong foundation in classical mathematics, in particular for students intending to pursue graduate study in mathematics, statistics, economics, computer science, and more.

Applied Mathematics Track

Applied Mathematics - Track options are Physics or Chemistry. Intended for students seeking a strong foundation in mathematics and its application to industrial and physical sciences.

Biological Mathematics Track

Mathematical Biology - Prepares students for research-based careers and graduate studies in biological and medical fields such as (but not limited to) genomics, neuroscience, and molecular modeling.

Education Mathematics Track

Mathematical Education - Designed for students seeking secondary education licensure in mathematics. This track helps to generate strong educators by learning the foundational logic within a wide scope of math topics from calculus to abstract algebra.

Financial Mathematics Track

Financial Mathematics - For students seeking a career in quantitative finance or a related field. These students will be competitive candidates in any corporate or commercial based career within the finance, investment, real estate, or banking industry.

Review further information about each Math Major Track and the requirements.

Honors Degree

Students that are admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences Honors College Program have the option to complete an honors degree in mathematics. Students, alongside their faculty and academic advisor, will develop a personalized rigorous curriculum in their discipline. The honors curriculum is comprised of honors, upper level undergraduate, and graduate coursework.

Introductory Math Seminar

Students will complete the Math 1295 Introductory Seminar during their first year as a math major. This faculty-led seminar provides an overview of the scope of mathematics, its subfields, and its applications. Presentations will be given on various sorts of career opportunities. This seminar leads to the discussion of the math major at OSU and the differences among the tracks. Students will explore the differences between the math tracks by investigating math problems they would encounter in each field. Faculty will also highlight programs and activities that will benefit students as a math major.


Advising is critical to academic success at Ohio State. Advisors at OSU assist in student growth and development by building meaningful educational plans which are compatible with their goals. Advising is a continuous and constant process built upon the basis of regular, accumulating contacts between advisor and advisee. Students in the Department of Mathematics are dual advised by an Academic Advisor and a Faculty Advisor.

Academic Advisor - Academic advisors assist students at orientation, teach their introductory course first semester, work to develop academic and career goals, and support them through graduation. Students work with an advisor specializing in the student's area of study (theoretical, financial, applied, etc.) who provides information about the major and new developments in the field.

Faculty Advisor - Students are paired with a faculty member in the department to provide additional support. Faculty advisors can provide further information about coursework, support in career exploration and planning, and discuss graduate school options.

Activities for Undergraduates

The Department of Mathematics at the Ohio State University offers a wide variety of extracurricular and major-oriented activities designed for undergraduate students. Students significantly enrich their academic experience at Ohio State by being an active member of the OSU community. These activities allow students to connect with their peers in the department and in other majors.

Visit Activities for Undergraduates to explore the different clubs, events, seminars, jobs, research opportunities, and more available to students in the Department of Mathematics.