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Grade Forgiveness

Grade Forgiveness Policy

Effective Autumn semester 2015 students can petition to repeat a course, and if approved, use the grade of this course to replace the first in the calculation of the student's cumulative GPA. Students must file the online Grade Forgiveness Petition by the Tenth Friday of the Autumn and Spring semester (alternate deadlines may apply for summer courses).

The parameters of the Grade Forgiveness Rule are as follows:

  • Students must submit a Grade Forgiveness Rule petition no later than the tenth Friday of the term in which the student is enrolled in the second attempt of a course.
  • Students seeking to repeat a high-demand course in which they have already earned a passing grade may not receive permission to repeat it until students who truly need to take the course have had a chance to enroll.
  • If approved, the first attempt's grade and credit hours will be removed from the Ohio State cumulative grade-point average (GPA) upon completion of the second attempt.
  • Students who passed the course the first time and fail it the second will lose credit for the course.
  • Forgiveness only impacts the Ohio State cumulative GPA calculation. All grades remain on the student's transcript.
  • Academic standing is not retroactively reviewed if a first attempt's grade is removed from the GPA calculation due to forgiveness.
  • For students admitted to Ohio State Autumn 2015 and later, a maximum of three courses can be repeated under this policy. Students who were admitted to Ohio State Summer 2015 or earlier should review the information below to determine their eligibility.
  • For individual COAM cases, please refer to math advising: mathadvisors@math.osu.edu
  • Students who progress through a higher-level course and then wish to retake a lower-level course will not be given permission. Please see repeating courses for more information.

Additional SP20, AU20, SP21 Policies: Due to the campus-wide COVID-19 response, there were alterations to grading procedures for SP20, AU20 and SP21/SU21. Please refer to the Office of Academic Affairs website for official statements about how grading schemes were changed for those semesters. Policies for these semesters will be different from the typical grading scheme described on this webpage.

Grading for SP20          Grading for AU20            Grading for SP21/SU21

Forgiveness Course Equivalents for Math Courses

Some students may need to complete a prerequisite course before taking the course listed below. Any questions about Grade Forgiveness of math courses or prerequisite coursework should be addressed with the Math Advising Office. Keep in mind that students considering applying to graduate or professional schools, or even to other colleges at Ohio State, all earned grades will be considered  (including those forgiven under the Grade Forgiveness Rule) in the admissions process.  The other college or unit may recalculate the original grade(s) into a student's cumulative GPA.

Courses Before Calculus

Students who took:

  • Math 1050 → forgiven by Math 1050
  • Math 1074 or 1075 → forgiven by Math 1074 or 1075
  • Math 1116 → forgiven by Math 1116
  • Math 1120 → forgiven by Math 1120 or Math 1148
  • Math 1121 → forgiven by Math 1121 or Math 1150
  • Math 1130 → forgiven by Math 1130 or 1148
  • Math 1148 → forgiven by Math 1148 only
  • Math 1149 → forgiven by Math 1149
  • Math 1150 → forgiven by Math 1150 -OR- both Math 1148 and 1149*

*Note: It is the grade in Math 1148 that does the forgiving; however, students must take both Math 1148 and 1149 (unless they have prior credit for Math 1148).


Students who took:

  • Math 1131 → forgiven by Math 1131 or 1151
  • Math 1140 → forgiven by Math 1140 or Math 1150
  • Math 1141 → forgiven by Math 1141 or Math 1151
  • Math 1151 or 1156→ forgiven by Math 1151 or 1156 or Math 1141
  • Math 1152 or 1172 → forgiven by Math 1152 or 1172
  • Math 2153 → forgiven by Math 2153
  • Math 2173 → forgiven by Math 2173
  • Math 2174 → forgiven by Math 2174
  • Math 2177 → forgiven by Math 2177

Honors Analysis

Students who took:

  • Math 4181H → forgiven by Math 1151 and 1152/1172*
  • Math 4182H → forgiven by Math 2153

*Note: It is the grade in Math 1152 that does the forgiving; however, students must take both Math 1151 and 1152 (unless they have prior credit for Math 1151).  If students have prior credit for both 1151 and 1152, then students must use 2153 to forgive 4181H.

Accelerated Calculus

Math 1161.xx and 2162.xx are no longer taught at OSU. Students who took:

  • Math 1161.xx or 1181H → forgiven by Math 1151 and 1152/1172*
  • Math 2162.xx or 2182H → forgiven by Math 1152 and Math 2153**

*Note: It is the grade in Math 1152 that does the forgiving; however, students must take both Math 1151 and 1152 (unless they have prior credit for Math 1151).  Students without credit for Math 1151 can attempt the EM test for this course.
**Note: It is the grade in Math 2153 that does the forgiving; however, students must take both Math 1152 and 2153 (unless they have prior credit for Math 1152).  Students without credit for Math 1152 can attempt the EM test for this course.