Prospective Graduate Students



Autumn 2019 Application Deadline:     15 December 2018*

Application Fee: Only Five Dollars ($5)

($5 application fee is for PhD and MMS applicants only. For MAQRM 
applicants, standard university admission fees apply)


View our Graduate Program Prospectus [pdf] in order to find more detailed information about our mathematics degree programs and our graduate faculty. Click on the picture to download our poster.

grad program posterThe Department of Mathematics PhD and MMS programs accept applications for Autumn Semester admission only. Our application opens on October 1st each year for applications to begin the program the following fall. There are two categories of applicants: Regular Applicants and Standby Applicants. Please see below for details.

The MAQRM (actuarial science) program accepts applications for both Autumn and Spring Semester admission. The Spring Semester MAQRM application opens on September 1st. The international student application deadline for Spring 2020 admission is 25 October 2019. The domestic student application deadline for Spring 2020 admission is 24 November 2019. Please note that ALL application materials must be received by these deadlines, including test scores and letters of recommendation. The application deadlines for Autumn Semester MAQRM admission are the same as those for our other graduate programs.

Regular Applicants: In order to have a competitive opportunity for maximum funding by the department and/or the OSU Graduate School, both domestic and international applicants must have their online application submitted by December 15.

*Standby Applicants: Prospective students may submit applications beyond the December 15 deadline date, however there is no guarantee that they will be reviewed by the Graduate Recruitment Committee (GRC). The deadline for Standby Applicants is 29 January 2019. Standby applications are reviewed on a space-available basis only.

NOTE: Documents such as transcripts, test scores (GRE and TOEFL/IELTS), and letters of recommendation can and often do arrive beyond the regular deadline; however, the GRC can only make decisions based upon complete applications. We realize some documents will come after the deadline, but try to get them here as soon as possible. All documents are to be submitted electronically via Graduate Admissions as per the Application Instructions.

PhD and MMS students are required to arrive 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the Autumn Semester in order to participate in the preparatory Headstart Training Program. Exceptions can be made only for students who are offered university fellowships.

Current or former Ohio State graduate students should contact us for additional application instructions. We require the same documents from an OSU graduate student as from any other applicant, except that there is no need to provide an Ohio State transcript. 


All admitted PhD or MMS students are offered a teaching associateship during the academic year. Graduate Teaching Associateships (GTA) are renewable assuming satisfactory academic progress. Incoming students with strong academic records and test scores may be selected for university fellowships, which include full support without teaching duties. In addition, continuing students may apply for several types of semester-long departmental fellowships and travel support. Summer support is currently offered to the majority of students requesting it. All Graduate Associateships and Fellowships come with a competitive stipend, full tuition waiver, and health insurance subsidy. See the Financial Support page for more details. MAQRM students are not supported by this process.


Screening of Regular applications will begin shortly after the December deadline. The Math Department Graduate Recruitment Committee will consider applicants from all backgrounds and evaluate them on academic merit and the documents provided. We expect to make most of our admission offers by mid-March. Please ensure that you have submitted all application documents to Ohio State Graduate & Professional Admissions electronically as per their instructions. Your application status can be checked on at Graduate Admissions under the Quick Links. It may show as incomplete if any required documents are missing. Please follow up with your recommendation letter writers, as in some cases they may not have received your electronic letter request.

Admission Process and Numbers

We typically receive between 250 and 300 applications for the PhD program each year, and our recruitment target for an incoming class is usually around 15-25 new PhDs. The process typically starts with a pre-screening of the files by the chair of the recruitment committee based on basic data such as performance in critical courses, general background, test scores, and brief inspections of letters. The graduate recruitment committee then reviews about 100-120 files in greater depth, split over two rounds, one in early January and another in late February. This review typically leads to the admission of around 70-80 students to the PhD program, as well as an ordered wait list issued some time in March.

For the MMS program, we typically aim for 5 to 6 recruits for each track. The number of admissions is usually only slightly higher as acceptance rates tend to be higher. Admission decisions for the MMS usually follow those for the PhD. 

For MAQRM we anticipate admitting approximately 12-15 students this year, though this number may vary based on the size and qualifications of the applicant pool.

Successful Applicant Score Profiles

Average grades and exam scores for successful applicants in our last admissions cycle were as follows:

Admitted to PhD 
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.76/4.0 (94%) or equivalent
Average GRE Math Subject Test score: 803
Average GRE Quantitative score: 168
Average GRE Verbal score: 157
Average GRE Analytical Writing score: 4
Average TOEFL iBT score: 103

Admitted to MMS 
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.72/4.0 (93%) or equivalent
Average GRE Quantitative score: 163
Average GRE Verbal score: 156
Average GRE Analytical Writing score: 4
Average TOEFL iBT score: 99

Admitted to MAQRM
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.52/4.0 (88%) or equivalent
Average GRE Quantitative score: 166
Average GRE Verbal score: 148
Average GRE Analytical Writing score: 3
Average TOEFL iBT score: 90

Commitment to Diversity

The OSU Department of Mathematics is committed to recruiting a diverse student body and providing an inclusive and supportive community for students of every race, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin, and sexual orientation. We are also committed to providing an accessible education for students with disabilities. Information on support resources and student organizations for diverse graduate students can be found on our college's Diversity in Graduate Studies site.

Are you a Hispanic/Latino, African American/Black, or American Indian/Native applicant? If so, we strongly encourage you to apply for the GEM Fellowship and Diversity Scholars Program. Please note the November 15 application deadline.

Information on accommodations for students with disabilities can be found via our Student Life Disability Services office.


Erin Anthony, M.A.
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematics (MA 102)
The Ohio State University
231 W. 18th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210
United States of America                

Phone: (614) 292-6274
Fax: (614) 292-1479

Email: Grad Info (for prospective applicants and other inquiries)

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