Awaiting Final Transcripts and Enrolling in Further Coursework

Students needing to transfer math credit to OSU should review how credit can transfer to OSU, as well as how to enroll in further math and science courses.

Transfer Credit to OSU

After completing a course at another institution, students must send an official transcript to OSU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions for processing. The credit will then be posted to the student's account within one or two weeks.

Students need to submit an official transcript to OSU immediately after completing the course. Delay in submitting an official transcript will result in complications enrolling in further courses at OSU.

Direct Equivalencies

Credit for a specific math course (i.e. Math 1151) will be automatically posted to the student's account when the transcipt is processed. This credit can be viewed in Buckeye Link and on the Transfer Credit Report. No action should be required by the student.

Pre-Evaluated Courses

Credit for pre-evaluated courses will usually post as general credit (Math G000.xx) or deferred credit (Math D000.xx) when the transcript is processed. If the credit is posted as general/deferred the student should submit their Transfer Credit Report and the Pre-Evaluation Guarantee/Transfer Credit Evaluation to the Math Advising Office by email. The credit will then be updated.

Note: Students should only submit this request after the credit has been posted to their Buckeye Link. The department can only update the credit after it has been posted to the student account.

Unevaluated Courses

Students that receive general credit (Math G000.xx) or deferred credit (Math D000.xx) must have their courses evaluated. Please review Evaluate Math Transfer Credit for instructions.

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Signing Up for Further Courses

Students will not be able to sign up for further math coursework at OSU until they have completed the course and transferred the credit to OSU. Students can enroll in courses on their own once the evaluated math credit has been posted to Buckeye Link.

If a student is waiting for a final transcript to be received by OSU, the student may request temporary permission to enroll in the next math course at OSU by submitting the Math Prerequisite Verification Form.

  • Students will be asked to provide proof of a final passing grade in the course.
  • If their request is approved they will be given temporary permission to enroll in their next course.
  • A final transcript must be received by OSU Undergraduate Admissions by the 4th week of the semester; if not the student must drop the course due to insufficient prerequisites.

Note: Students must have completed the prerequisite course in order to request permission. Students that have not yet completed the prerequisite course cannot request permission.

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