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Current OSU Students - Change to Major in Math

Students currently attending OSU wishing to switch their major to Mathematics, Actuarial Science, or IMME need to complete an information session before adding the major. Students will need to complete the Math Major Information Session to add a math major, or the Actuarial Science Major Information Session to add the actuarial science major or the math and actuarial science double major. An IMME Major Information Session is also available.

Request to be added to the Math Major or Actuarial Science Major or IMME Major Information Session in Carmen.

Students should work through these Carmen courses at their own pace to learn about the Department of Mathematics and the programs offered. After reviewing all of the sections and completing the quizzes and surveys, the Carmen course will automatically recognize that you have completed the course. After completing the Carmen course, students can make an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the Department of Mathematics. During this appointment students will have the opportunity to ask further questions about the major as well as declare, if desired.

Note: Students interested in the Integrated Major in Mathematics and English (IMME) should visit IMME Advising to schedule an appointment with an IMME advisor.