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Graduate Minor in Mathematics


  • Doctoral student in an Ohio State graduate program
  • Good academic standing with the university and the primary academic program



  • Complete 15 credit hours of approved graduate-level mathematics courses, including a minimum of 4 courses. All courses must be at the 5000-level or higher.
  • All courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher (or S for courses graded S/U).
  • Only 3 credit hours of S/U graded courses may be counted toward the minor.
  • At least 9 credit hours of coursework must be from letter-graded mathematics courses at the 5000 or 6000-level.


Application Procedure

Current doctoral students interested in adding the minor in mathematics to their degree plan should first contact the Graduate Minor Chair, Dr. Janet Best, and make an appointment to discuss their study plan. Once agreed upon, the study plan should be submitted as part of the Minors & Interdisciplinary Specializations form on GradForms. When the Grad Minor Chair and the Graduate School have both approved the form, the minor will be added to the student's degree plan.

Suggested Curricula

  1. Engineering & Physics
    First year: Math 5101, 5102
    Second year: Math 5756, 5757
    Third year: Math 5451
  2. Economics & Finance
    First year: Math 5632,
    Second year: Math 5633, 5634
    Third year: Math 5635, 5637
  3. Philosophy & Foundations
    First year: Math 5111, 5001
    Second year: Math 5201, 5051
    Third year: any Math 6001-6004 course
  4. Life Science Departments
    First year: Math 5401, 5402
    Second year: Math 5660, 5602
    Third year: 5651 or 6601
    (or any five of the six listed courses)
  5. Statistics
    Discrete data analysis and optimization: Math 6501, Math 5601, or Math 5603
    Shape analysis: Math 5702, Math 6701, or Math 6702
    Nonparametric function estimation: Math 5102, Math 5601, Math 5603
    Probability: Math 6251, Math 6252, or Math 8250
  6. Computer Science
    Computational Geometry and Topology:
          First year: Math 5702, 5801
          Second year: Math 6501, 6502
          Third year: Math 8710 or 8800
    Distributed computing/temporal logic:
          First year: Math 5051 and any of Math 6001-6004
          Second year: Math 6251, 6252
    Nonparametric function estimation:
          First year: Math 5201, 5202
          Second year: Math 6251, 6252
          Third year: One of Math 6501, 6502, or 7211