Math Grad Student Seminars

Provided below is a list of seminars organized by graduate students in the OSU Department of Mathematics. Please correspond with the seminar contact for additional information.

Combinatorial number theory and ergodic theory student seminar
Contact: Andreu Ferre-Moragues / Rigo Zelada-Cifuentes

Number theory student seminar
Web site:
Contact: Alex Beckwith

Quantum algebras and quantum topology (QAQT) student seminar
Web site:
Contact: Matthew Harper

Smooth Dynamics Student Seminar
Contact: Benjamin Call / Tianyu Wang

Student algebraic geometry seminar
Web site:
Contact: Yilong Zhang / Aniket Shah

Student homotopy theory seminar
Contact: Michael Horst

Topology, geometry, and applications student seminar
Web site:
Contact: Katherine Ritchey / Samir Chowdhury