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Graduate Student Living Guide

While there are many challenges graduate students face when transitioning into this new stage of life, one challenge we can help with is to learn about housing and transportation options in Columbus, Ohio. This Graduate Student Living Guide provides tips and resources to graduate students seeking to live in Columbus.

Housing & Transportation

Neil Avenue Building

Neil Avenue Residence Hall

The Neil Avenue Residence Hall is located on south campus and has two types of rooms available. The most common type of room is the single suite apartment with 4-bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen for $966/per person per month. However, if you're looking to live alone, the Efficiency Apartment rooms provide one bed, one bath, and a kitchen for $975/month. These apartments have air conditioning and are located above Marketplace on Neil, a dining place and coffee shop.


Gateway Apartments


The Gateway Apartments are also located on south campus and have 4 types of rooms available: a studio for $1073/per month; a 1-bedroom for $1150/per month; a 2-bedroom for $1120/per person per month; and a 3-bedroom for $975/per person per month. Each apartment provides a living room (except the studio), a bath per bedroom, and a kitchen. Additionally, while the prices may be higher, the apartments come fully furnished. 


More Information

For more information about these apartments, visit The Office of Student Life.
To contact the OSU Housing Office, email housing@osu.edu or call 614-292-5266. 

There are many options for off-campus housing including apartments and houses ready for rent. However, it can be difficult deciding where to live depending on your needs. This guide provides resources for finding homes, finding roommates, as well as resources to learn about different neighborhoods in Columbus.

Off-Campus Living Guide
For information about the neighborhoods in Columbus, check out the living guide provided by The Office of Student Life.

Housing Search
This tool can help you search through a wide variety of housing options.

The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network
This network can helps students make informed decisions about who they want to rent from and where they want to live off-campus.

Roommate and Sublet Search
Here you can post and search through ads to find compatible roommates.

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA):
The COTA bus provides bus service through the Greater Columbus area to all OSU students who use their BuckID. By using the online webpage or the Transit App, students can track buses in realtime.

CBUS is COTA's free circulating service where you can access many more restaurants and shops in many Columbus neighborhoods. Additionally, the Cbus311 App provides access to city resources including ParkColumbus, service center submissions, trash and recycling notification and more.

The Campus Area Bus Service (CABS):
CABS is free transit services provided by The Ohio State University Transportation and Traffic Management.

Campusparc allows you to buy parking permits to park on campus. 

Lyft Ride Smart:
Lyft Ride Smart offers eligible students discounted rides inside the university-designated service area.

Columbus Neighborhood Walking Maps:
The City of Columbus provides maps to help identify where to walk in your neighborhood.

City Parking:
The City of Columbus offers permit parking zones to prioritize neighborhood parking.

Electric scooters can be used around OSU's campus and in downtown Columbus. With the mobile app, you can use dock-free mobility.

CoGo Bike Share:
600+ bikes are available across Columbus in this public transportation system featuring over 70 stations and 24-hour daily availability.

Commuting 101: 
This commuter guide will help you learn how to successfully navigate through college with resources specifically for commuter students.

Student Legal Services:
Student Legal Services can help with numerous tasks renters face. They can help complete a lease review and provide tips to ensure you are not charged for damages you did not cause through a move-in checklist.

Commuter Resources:
Refrigerators, microwaves, cabinets, and lockers to store belongings in the Ohio Union.

USG Renter's Guide:
This guide provides student feedback on area property managers.

Community Crime Map:
This map can help you make decisions on what is the best neighborhood to live in based on law enforcement crime records.

Scarlet and Gray Financial:
Need help budgeting rent, utility costs, and numerous expenses college students face? You can book a free appointment with a financial coach from this peer financial coaching program. 


Prospective students: grad-info@math.osu.edu

Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematics (MA 102)
The Ohio State University
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Columbus, Ohio 43210
United States of America                

Phone: (614) 292-6274
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