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Mathematics is a tool for understanding our world and trying to solve its problems. Mathematical models are used in such diverse areas as determining the shape of aircraft’s wings for maximum lift, analyzing disease spread and control, and simulating network flows for efficient transportation systems. Mathematics also requires imagination, necessitating abstract and formalized thought on the one hand and creativity and intuition on the other. All people, in every trade and profession, use mathematics in their personal and professional lives. Thus, almost all university students will take formal courses to acquire the use of mathematical tools.

Before students are able to take any math course they must meet the prerequisite. Every math course has a prerequisite and it can be met by a Math Placement Test score or college credit earned at another institution or examinations, such as AP, IB, or A-levels. All incoming students to The Ohio State University are required to take the Math Placement Test unless they have earned college math credit that has been approved by the Department of Mathematics.

Students with more than one score (AP, IB, transfer credit, Math Placement Test), may use the score that allows them to enroll in the highest math course as a prerequisite.