Master Theses


2023 Zhang, Siqi Classification for Synthetic Aperture Radar Ship Image of the Ship Targets under the Few-Shot Condition Ban, Chunsheng
2020 Hu, Tengmu Zooming Algorithm for Lipschitz Bandit with Safety Constraint Ban, Chunsheng
2020 Zhao, Chen Evaluating Health Policy Effect with Generalized Linear Model and Generalized Estimating Equation Model Ban, Chunsheng
2019 Wang, Guanqian Some Optimization Algorithms for the Mean Curvature Flow Under Rough Initial Conditions Ban, Chunsheng


MMS-BIO  (no longer offered)

2021 Alvarado, Chance The Effects of University Testing Regimes on the Burden of COVID-19 Tien, Joseph & Rempala, Grzegorz
2021 Lee, Russell Persistence of a Single Phytoplankton Species in a Water Column with Time-Periodic Light Intensity Lou, Yuan
2021 Teria, Rodney Cellular Iron Homeostasis Mechanisms in Colon Cells and Erythrocytes Best, Janet
2020 de Oliveira, Ebenezer Computations of the interface in two-fluid Couette flow Tanveer, Saleh
2020 Marrero Garcia, Hilary A Geometric Analysis Approach to Distinguish Basal Serotonin Levels in Control and Depressed Mice Best, Janet
2020 Wood, Emily Analysis of SIS Patch Model and Development of a Modified SEIR Model Applied to the Current Opiate Crisis Lou, Yuan
2019 Lumpkin, Robert Parameter Classification and Analysis of Neuronal Systems with Astrocytic Modulation of Behaviour Terman, David
2018 Rizvi, Faiz Cluster Analysis of Reaction Time for Children in 5-12 Year Age Groups Best, Janet
2017 Del Negro Skeehan, Willa Staged Progression and Retrogression Model of Influenza Tien, Joseph
2017 Hamida, Youcef The Evolution of Dispersal for the Case of Two-Patches and Two-Species with Travel Loss Lou, Yuan
2017 Helba, Johanna A dynamical model of campylobacteriosis in Ohio Tien, Joseph
2017 Huynh, Linh Clustering Sleep-Wake Transitions in Electromyography Data Best, Janet
2017 Plourde, Shayne Modeling Pollen Aperture Formation with the Gierer-Meinhardt Model Dawes, Adriana
2017 Senel, Gunes The Multigrid Method Overman, Ed & Xue, Chuan
2016 Henry, John Modelling Differences in MCP-1 Levels During Early Tuberculosis Infection in Diabetics Friedman, Avner
2016 Martinez-Soto, Eduan Understanding the Role of Health Care Workers in a Trade-off Model between Contact and Transmission for Ebola Virus Disease Tien, Joseph
2016 Rodriguez, Evelyn Mathematical Model of Neurochemical Mechanisms in a Single GABA Neuron Best, Janet
2016 Toy, Jonathan A Nonlocal Model for the Segregation of Axonal Microtubules and Neurofilaments in Neurodegenerative Diseases  Xue, Chuan
2016 Williamson, Carly A Computational Model of Divergent Pattern Formation in Caenorhabditis elegans and Caenorhabditis briggsae Vulval Development Dawes, Adriana
2015 Anderson, Kerri-Ann  A Mathematical Model of Cytokinetic Morphogenesis Chou, Ching-Shan
2015 Feldges, Robert Mathematical Model of the Combined Effect of IL-6, TGF-beta and TNF-alpha on Pancreatic Stellate Cell Activation Friedman, Avner
2015 Foss, Susan Modeling the Aggregation of Interacting Neurofilaments in the Axon Xue, Chuan
2015 Glover, Catherine A Mathematical Model of the 2014 Ohio Measles Outbreak to Assess the Effectiveness of the Public Health Response Tien, Joseph
2015 Kim, Jiae Effects of Surfactant Proteins A and D on Infection with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Friedman, Avner
2015 Wagh, Niraj Social Media Use and STI Incidence in Men Who Have Sex With Men Dawes, Adriana
2014 Deger, Kristen Modeling the Tradeoff between Transmission and Movement in Infectious Disease Dynamics Tien, Joseph
2014 Kravtsova, Natalia Theoretical Investigation of Cell Polarity Initiation in the Early C. Elegans Embryo Dawes, Adriana
2014 Pritchard, Adaleigh Modeling End-to-End Annealing of Intermediate Filaments Xue, Chuan
2013 Batty, Christopher Examining the implications of a 7th grade pertussis booster program in the state of Ohio  Tien, Joseph
2013 Durney, Clinton A two-component model for bacterial chemotaxis Xue, Chuan
2013 Ford, Mauntell Obesity induced colorectal cancer  Friedman, Avner
2013 Kinderknecht, Kelsy Sleep inertia in children  Best, Janet
2013 Narayan, Monisha The role of CDC42 in the budding pattern of haploid budding yeast  Chou, Ching-Shan
2013 Smith, Heather A mathematical study of purchasing airline tickets  Lou, Yuan
2012 Brostoff, Noah Endemicity and the carrier class: modeling foot-and-mouth disease in the Lake Chad Basin, Cameroon Tien, Joseph
2012 Campbell, Leah Exploring Differences in Pediatric and Adult Sleep: Two Mathematical Investigations Best, Janet
2012 Frank, Kyle A mathematical model of Leishmania in macrophages Friedman, Avner
2012 Udiani, Oyita Stability analysis of male aggression levels in a coercive mating model  Lou, Yuan
2011 Bokides, Dessa The influence of female movement in response to male aggression in a coercive mating system  Lou, Yuan
2011 Dunworth, Jeffrey Nonlinear incidence of waterborne diseases Tien, Joseph
2011 Park, Suh Yeong Modeling tsetse fly host preference and African trypanosomiasis in Cameroon  Tien, Joseph
2011 Pirc, Alycia Modeling temperature-sensitive neural networks in the hypothalamus  Best, Janet
2011 Williams, Katherine The effects of cell-surface composition on natural killer cell activation: a modeling study Friedman, Avner
2011 Young, Alexander A differential equation model of Ets2 driven bistability of TFG-beta concentration Friedman, Avner


MMS-CPS  (no longer offered)

2021 Brown, Hannah Data Driven Modeling of Dynamics Xiu, Dongbin
2021 Hunter, Joseph Stability Analysis of Implicit Explicit Runge-Kutta Discontinous Galerkin Methods for Convection-Dispersion Equations Xing, Yulong
2021 Mussmann, Thomas Data Driven Learning of Dynamical Systems Using Neural Networks Xiu, Dongbin
2020 Chen, Yidi A Numerical Study of Multi-class Traffic Flow Models Xing, Yulong
2020 Gomez-Leos, Enrique On 4-Free Sets Bergelson, Vitaly & Johnson, John
2020 Lu, Tien-hsin SqueezeFit Linear Program: Fast and Robust Label-aware Dimensionality Reduction Mixon, Dustin
2019 Caldwell, Mark Modeling blood vessels and oxygen diffusion into brain tissue Terman, David
2019 Hance, Elizabeth Movement of the Male Germ Unit in Pollen Tubes Xue, Chuan
2019 Slover, Nichole The Evolution of Dispersal in Two-Dimensional Habitats Lou, Yuan
2019 Yin, Ying Shape Classification via Optimal Transport and Persistent Homology Memoli, Facundo
2019 Zha, Xiao Topological Data Analysis on Road Network Data Memoli, Facundo
2018 Pineda, Gerwin An application of the LLL algorithm to integer factorization Hiary, Ghaith
2017 Elchesen, Alexander Stability of Zigzag Persistence with Respect to a Reflection-type Distance Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2017 Guzman Roca, Juan Quantification of track-weighted functional connectivity longitudinally during Constraint Induced Movement Therapy for poststroke hemiparesis: An application of Graph Theory Overman, Edward
2017 Hall, Brenton Using the Non-Uniform Dynamic Mode Decomposition to Reduce the Storage Required for PDE Simulations Chou, Ching-Shan
2017 Neidecker, Peter Modifying ShortLoop Software to run in Higher Dimensions Dey, Tamal
2017 O'Neal, Jared A Numerical Study of a Disorder-driven 2D Mott Insulator-to-Metal Quantum Phase Transition Overman, Edward
2017 Lee, Ray Application of the Traveling Wave Concept to Spreading Depolarization Terman, David
2017 Sterle, Lance Modeling Path Dependent Derivatives Using CUDA Parallel Platform Ban, Chunsheng
2017 Sutherland, James Zeros, Zeros, Zeros: How to Find Them Overman, Edward
2016 Wood, Dylan Solving Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Problems in One and More Dimensions with Local Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta Time Stepping Overman, Edward & Kubatko, Ethan
2015 Drag, Melvyn Epithelium: The lightweight, customizable epithelial tissue simulator

Overman, Edward &
Sotomayor, Marcus

2014 Russell, Mary Investigation of Multicomponent MRI Relaxation Data with Stochastic Contraction Fitting Algorithm Baker, Gregory
2014 Yu, Jing Iterative Solution of Boundary Integral Equations for Shallow Water Waves Baker, Gregory


MMS-EDU  (no longer offered)

2021 Kronick, Zac Orthogonal Polynomials, Concentration Principle, and the Black-Scholes Formula Stan, Aurel
2020 Buie-Collard, Geoffrey Helping Students Affected With Mathematics Disorders Learn Mathematics Costin, Rodica & Battista, Michael
2020 Bushman, Nathan Hypercomplex Numbers and Early Vector Systems: A History Cogdell, James
2020 Jiang, Qitong Euler Characteristic Transform of Shapes in 2D Digital Images as Cubical Sets Fowler, James
2019 Gray, Erin Productive Struggle: How Struggle in Mathematics Can Impact Teaching and Learning Costin, Rodica
2018 Bedich, Joseph An Introduction to the Happy Ending Problem and the Erdős-Szekeres Conjecture Kahle, Matthew
2018 Smith, John Matthew The Schrödinger Equation of a Particle in a Time Dependent Electric Field: Case Studies Costin, Rodica
2017 Antonides, Joseph An Analysis of the Order of Limit-Related Topics as Presented in Six Elementary Calculus Textbooks Fowler, James
2017 Bergen, Sarah Mathematics and Foreign Language: Authentic Texts in Mathematics  Costin, Rodica
2017 Cutforth, Alissa A Transition from Informal to Formal Proof in K-12 Mathematics Fowler, James
2017 Kish, David Developing a Quantitative Reasoning Course for College Consumption Costin, Rodica
2017 Miller, Jacob Disentanglement Puzzles and Computation Chmutov, Sergei
2016 Abu-Arish, Hiba Perfect Numbers and Perfect Polynomials: Motivating Concepts From Kindergarten to College Costin, Rodica
2016 Bowers, David Impact of Mathematics Courses for Prospective Teachers on their Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Clemens, Charles
2016 Koch, Philip  An Introduction to the Bergman Projection and Kernel Koenig, Kenneth
2016 Lu, Yaomingxin A Comparison of Math Teaching and Learning in China and the United States -: Problem Solving Skills in Geometry of Chinese and U.S. Students Costin, Rodica & Battista, Michael
2016 Wheeler, Jessica  Instructing Group Theory Concepts from Pre-Kindergarten to College through Movement Activities Costin, Rodica
2015 Brady, Ann Lisa Community Colleges and the Developmental Mathematics Crisis Costin, Rodica
2015 Cox, Raymond  Mathematical Modeling of Minecraft - Using Mathematics to Model the Gameplay of Video Games Clemens, Charles
2015 Kosek, Amy An Exploration of Mathematical Applications in Cryptography Cogdell, James
2015 Lampard Koch, Ayla  A Statistical Analysis of Online Homework Systems: Homework Completion vs. Student Knowledge Costin, Rodica
2015 Rhollans, Mary Learning to Teach: The Early Challenges Secondary Teachers Face Costin, Rodica
2014 Kashner, Daniel Cognitive Ability in a Team-Play Beauty Contest Game: An Experiment Proposal Costin, Rodica
2014 Lindberg, David Enhancing Individualized Instruction through Hidden Markov Models Costin, Rodica
2014 Margraff, Aaron An Exposition on Group Characters Cogdell, James
2013 Bond, Jacob The Stickelberger ideal and the cyclotomic class number  Sinnott, Warren
2013 Duke, Helene A study of the rigidity of regular polytopes  Snapp, Bart
2013 Schuda Stout, Deborah Graphing beyond Collatz  Snapp, Bart
2013 Turner, Charity The role of teacher discourse moves in promoting mathematical reasoning  Clemens, Charles
2013 Turner, Jacob An exposition of Dirichlet's theorem  Cogdell, James
2012 DeSouza, Chelsea The Greek method of exhaustion: leading the way to modern integration  Costin, Rodica & Clemens, Charles
2012 Hoehner, Steven The Hasse-Minkowski Theorem in two and three variables  Clemens, Charles
2012 Tussing, Timothy Analysis of effects on sound using discrete fourier transform  Snapp, Bart



2020 Brauer, Ethan Truthmakers and Model Theory Miller, Christopher
2020 Dalglish, Steven Least and Inflationary Fixed-Point Logics: A Comparison of Expressive Strength Miller, Christopher
2020 Sultan, Sami Barcode Structure of Persistence Modules via Local Structure Ogle, Crichton
2019 Foroughi Pour, Ali Linear Approximations for Second Order High Dimensional Model Representation of the Log Likelihood Ratio Rempala, Grzegorz
2019 Khandelwal, Vasudha Volatility of European Options  Ban, Chunsheng
2018 Gegner, Ethan Notes on Intersective Polynomials Leibman, Alexander
2017 Zhao, Lin Spherical and Speroidal Harmonics: Examples and Computations  Hiary, Ghaith
2016 Yang, Fan Continuous Logic and Probability Algebras Miller, Christopher
2015 Chen, Huachen Wall-crossing Behavior of Strange Duality Morphisms for K3 Surfaces  Cogdell, James
2015 He, Zhuang On Moduli Spaces of Weighted Pointed Stable Curves and Applications Tseng, Hsian-Hua
2014 Kosek, Peter Error Correcting Codes Kahle, Matthew
2013 Reeder, Patrick Internal set theory and Euler's Introductio in analysin infinitorum  Sinnott, Warren
2013 Reiner-Roth, Griffin Rodrigues formula for Jacobi polynomials on the unit circle  Costin, Rodica
2012 Ward, Peter Euclid's elements, from Hilbert's axioms  Costin, Rodica
2010 Florio, Salvatore Completeness of the predicate calculus in the basic theory of predication   Friedman, Harvey
2010 Taliotis, Anastasios Evolving geometries in general relativity   Gerlach, Ulrich
2008 Berry, Tyrus An overview of optimal stopping times for various discrete time games   Pittel, Boris
2008 Maceli, Peter Deciding st-connectivity in undirected graphs using logarithmic space   Carlson, Timothy
2008 Siebert, Kitzeln  A modern presentation of  dimension and outer measure Edgar, Gerald
2008 Volynin, Ilya A detailed look into two problems on lacunary sequences   Leibman, Alexander