Master's Theses



2017Del Negro Skeehan, WillaStaged Progression and Retrogression Model of InfluenzaTien, Joseph
2017Hamida, YoucefThe Evolution of Dispersal for the Case of Two-Patches and Two-Species with Travel LossLou, Yuan
2017Helba, JohannaA dynamical model of campylobacteriosis in OhioTien, Joseph
2017Huynh, LinhClustering Sleep-Wake Transitions in Electromyography DataBest, Janet
2017Plourde, ShayneModeling Pollen Aperture Formation with the Gierer-Meinhardt ModelDawes, Adriana
2016Henry, JohnModelling Differences in MCP-1 Levels During Early Tuberculosis Infection in DiabeticsFriedman, Avner
2016Martinez-Soto, EduanUnderstanding the Role of Health Care Workers in a Trade-off Model between Contact and Transmission for Ebola Virus DiseaseTien, Joseph
2016Rodriguez, EvelynMathematical Model of Neurochemical Mechanisms in a Single GABA NeuronBest, Janet
2016Toy, JonathanA Nonlocal Model for the Segregation of Axonal Microtubules and Neurofilaments in Neurodegenerative Diseases Xue, Chuan
2016Williamson, CarlyA Computational Model of Divergent Pattern Formation in Caenorhabditis elegans and Caenorhabditis briggsae Vulval DevelopmentDawes, Adriana
2015Anderson, Kerri-Ann A Mathematical Model of Cytokinetic MorphogenesisChou, Ching-Shan
2015Feldges, RobertMathematical Model of the Combined Effect of IL-6, TGF-beta and TNF-alpha on Pancreatic Stellate Cell ActivationFriedman, Avner
2015Foss, SusanModeling the Aggregation of Interacting Neurofilaments in the AxonXue, Chuan
2015Glover, CatherineA Mathematical Model of the 2014 Ohio Measles Outbreak to Assess the Effectiveness of the Public Health ResponseTien, Joseph
2015Kim, JiaeEffects of Surfactant Proteins A and D on Infection with Mycobacterium TuberculosisFriedman, Avner
2015Wagh, NirajSocial Media Use and STI Incidence in Men Who Have Sex With MenDawes, Adriana
2014Deger, KristenModeling the Tradeoff between Transmission and Movement in Infectious Disease DynamicsTien, Joseph
2014Kravtsova, NataliaTheoretical Investigation of Cell Polarity Initiation in the Early C. Elegans EmbryoDawes, Adriana
2014Pritchard, AdaleighModeling End-to-End Annealing of Intermediate FilamentsXue, Chuan
2013Batty, ChristopherExamining the implications of a 7th grade pertussis booster program in the state of Ohio Tien, Joseph
2013Durney, ClintonA two-component model for bacterial chemotaxisXue, Chuan
2013Ford, MauntellObesity induced colorectal cancer Friedman, Avner
2013Kinderknecht, KelsySleep inertia in children Best, Janet
2013Narayan, MonishaThe role of CDC42 in the budding pattern of haploid budding yeast Chou, Ching-Shan
2013Smith, HeatherA mathematical study of purchasing airline tickets Lou, Yuan
2012Brostoff, NoahEndemicity and the carrier class: modeling foot-and-mouth disease in the Lake Chad Basin, CameroonTien, Joseph
2012Campbell, LeahExploring Differences in Pediatric and Adult Sleep: Two Mathematical InvestigationsBest, Janet
2012Frank, KyleA mathematical model of Leishmania in macrophagesFriedman, Avner
2012Udiani, OyitaStability analysis of male aggression levels in a coercive mating model Lou, Yuan
2011Bokides, DessaThe influence of female movement in response to male aggression in a coercive mating system Lou, Yuan
2011Dunworth, JeffreyNonlinear incidence of waterborne diseasesTien, Joseph
2011Park, Suh YeongModeling tsetse fly host preference and African trypanosomiasis in Cameroon Tien, Joseph
2011Pirc, AlyciaModeling temperature-sensitive neural networks in the hypothalamus Best, Janet
2011Williams, KatherineThe effects of cell-surface composition on natural killer cell activation: a modeling studyFriedman, Avner
2011Young, AlexanderA differential equation model of Ets2 driven bistability of TFG-beta concentrationFriedman, Avner



2017Elchesen, AlexanderStability of Zigzag Persistence with Respect to a Reflection-type DistanceMemoli, Roberto Facundo
2017Guzman Roca, JuanQuantification of track-weighted functional connectivity longitudinally during Constraint Induced Movement Therapy for poststroke hemiparesis: An application of Graph TheoryOverman, Edward
2017Hall, BrentonUsing the Non-Uniform Dynamic Mode Decomposition to Reduce the Storage Required for PDE SimulationsChou, Ching-Shan
2017Neidecker, PeterModifying ShortLoop Software to run in Higher DimensionsDey, Tamal
2017O'Neal, JaredA Numerical Study of a Disorder-driven 2D Mott Insulator-to-Metal Quantum Phase TransitionOverman, Edward
2017Lee, RayApplication of the Traveling Wave Concept to Spreading DepolarizationTerman, David
2017Senel, GunesThe Multigrid MethodXue, Chuan
2017Sterle, LanceModeling Path Dependent Derivatives Using CUDA Parallel PlatformBan, Chunsheng
2017Sutherland, JamesZeros, Zeros, Zeros: How to Find ThemOverman, Edward
2016Wood, DylanSolving Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Problems in One and More Dimensions with Local Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta Time SteppingOverman, Edward & Kubatko, Ethan
2015Drag, MelvynEpithelium: The lightweight, customizable epithelial tissue simulatorOverman, Ed & Sotomayor, Marcos
2014Russell, MaryInvestigation of Multicomponent MRI Relaxation Data with Stochastic Contraction Fitting AlgorithmBaker, Gregory
2014Yu, JingIterative Solution of Boundary Integral Equations for Shallow Water WavesBaker, Gregory



2017Antonides, JosephAn Analysis of the Order of Limit-Related Topics as Presented in Six Elementary Calculus TextbooksFowler, James
2017Bergen, SarahMathematics and Foreign Language: Authentic Texts in Mathematics Costin, Rodica
2017Cutforth, AlissaA Transition from Informal to Formal Proof in K-12 MathematicsFowler, James
2017Kish, DavidDeveloping a Quantitative Reasoning Course for College ConsumptionCostin, Rodica
2017Miller, JacobDisentanglement Puzzles and ComputationChmutov, Sergei
2016Abu-Arish, HibaPerfect Numbers and Perfect Polynomials:Motivating Concepts From Kindergarten to CollegeCostin, Rodica
2016Bowers, DavidImpact of Mathematics Courses for Prospective Teachers on their Mathematical Knowledge for TeachingClemens, Charles
2016Koch, Philip An Introduction to the Bergman Projection and KernelKoenig, Kenneth
2016Lu, YaomingxinA Comparison of Math Teaching and Learning in China and the United States -: Problem Solving Skills in Geometry of Chinese and U.S. StudentsCostin, Rodica & Battista, Michael
2016Wheeler, Jessica Instructing Group Theory Concepts from Pre-Kindergarten to College through Movement ActivitiesCostin, Rodica
2015Brady, Ann LisaCommunity Colleges and the Developmental Mathematics CrisisCostin, Rodica
2015Cox,Raymond Mathematical Modeling of Minecraft - Using Mathematics to Model the Gameplay of Video GamesClemens, Charles
2015Kosek, AmyAn Exploration of Mathematical Applications in CryptographyCogdell, James
2015Lampard Koch, Ayla A Statistical Analysis of Online Homework Systems: Homework Completion vs. Student KnowledgeCostin, Rodica
2015Rhollans, MaryLearning to Teach: The Early Challenges Secondary Teachers FaceCostin, Rodica
2014Kashner, DanielCognitive Ability in a Team-Play Beauty Contest Game: An Experiment ProposalCostin, Rodica
2014Lindberg, DavidEnhancing Individualized Instruction through Hidden Markov ModelsCostin, Rodica
2014Margraff, AaronAn Exposition on Group CharactersCogdell, James
2013Bond, JacobThe Stickelberger ideal and the cyclotomic class number Sinnott, Warren
2013Duke, HeleneA study of the rigidity of regular polytopes Snapp, Bart
2013Schuda Stout, DeborahGraphing beyond Collatz Snapp, Bart
2013Turner, CharityThe role of teacher discourse moves in promoting mathematical reasoning Clemens, Charles
2013Turner, JacobAn exposition of Dirichlet's theorem Cogdell, James
2012DeSouza, ChelseaThe Greek method of exhaustion: leading the way to modern integration Costin, Rodica & Clemens, Charles
2012Hoehner, StevenThe Hasse-Minkowski Theorem in two and three variables Clemens, Charles
2012Tussing, TimothyAnalysis of effects on sound using discrete fourier transform Snapp, Bart


2017Zhao, LinSpherical and Speroidal Harmonics: Examples and Computations Hiary, Ghaith