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Taking Math Classes at Another Institution

Students interested in taking a math course at another institution to transfer back into OSU as a specific math requirement should always check the equivalency before taking the course. 

Students that have already completed courses at another institution should visit Evaluate Math Transfer Credit. Information on this page is intended only for students that will take classes at another institution in the future.

Steps to Taking a Math Class at Another Institution for Transfer to OSU

Step 1: Look for Known Equivalences

OSU has over 10,000 known math courses that directly transfer to OSU. Students should first check for known direct equivalencies. Download the Ohio State Quick Equivalencies Chart which is updated monthly to search for known courses. If the desired school or course is not listed, students should proceed to Step 2.

  • Direct Equivalents - Courses that are listed with a course number (e.g. Math 1151), transfer to OSU automatically as that course. Students cannot request the course to be evaluated for different credit.
  • General and Deferred Credit - Courses listed as Math G000.** or Math D000.** have not yet been evaluated. You will need to follow the instructions in Step 2 below to get the course Pre-Evaluated.
  • Special and Technical Credit - Courses listed as Math S000.** or Math T000.** have already been evaluated. Review Special and Technical Credit for more information.

For further information about math transfer credit, visit Understanding Math Transfer Credit.


Step 2: Request a Pre-Evaluation

If a student wishes to enroll in a course that is not a direct equivalent, the Department of Mathematics can provide a Pre-Evaluation guarantee. Students should review the instructions below before submitting a request.

Please note, the Department of Mathematics will only provide pre-evaluations for

  1. courses in which students meet the prerequisites for the equivalent course at OSU
  2. courses taken at institutions in the United States and Canada (pre-evaluations will not be given for classes outside of the U.S. and Canada)

Note: The Department of Mathematics will not award credit for courses completed in the People's Republic of China during the summer term. As well, credit will not be awarded for courses completed in the People's Republic of China through study abroad programs or affiliate programs to US based universities.

Students should review Transferring Math Credit to OSU and Enrolling in Further Coursework for instructions about transferring the credit to OSU and signing up for further courses.