Math Theoretical Track

Also known as “pure” mathematics, theoretical mathematics explores the basic concepts and structure beneath many math topics ranging from geometry to analysis. With elective options constructed as a part of this track, students are able to personalize the major to meet the needs of their future career/academic goals or highlight particular fields of interest.

Students may review the requirements and sample schedule for the Theoretical Math Track on the  Math Theoretical Track Requirements and Sample Schedule [pdf] handout.

Theoretical Math Track Requirements

Students interested in the theoretical math track will be required to complete the following course work, as well as pick 6 hours of electives to highlight their major and field of interest.  Many of the other math major tracks offered within the Department of Mathematics have similar core major requirements; the main differences lie within the elective choices that have been previously defined in order to align to each particular career field to which the track applies.

Prerequisite Courses

Theoretical Track Course Requirements

  • Math 2153 Calculus III (4 cr.)
  • Math 3345 Foundations of Higher Mathematics (3 cr.)
  • Math 2568 Linear Algebra (3 cr.)
  • Math 4530 Probability(3 cr.)  or Stat 4201 Introduction to Math Statistics I (4 cr.)
  • Stat 4202 Introduction to Math Statistics II (4 cr.)
  • Math 2255 Differential Equations and Their Applications (3 cr.)
  • Math 4547 Introductory Analysis I (3 cr.)
  • Math 4548 Introductory Analysis II (3 cr.)
  • Math 4580 Abstract Algebra I (3 cr.)
  • Math 4581 Abstract Algebra II (3 cr.)
  • Math Major Electives (choose two of the following):
Math 3350 Introduction to Mathematical Biology
Math 3589 Introduction to Financial Math
Math 3607 Beginning Scientific Computing
Math 3618 Theory of Interest
Math 4350 Quantitative Neuroscience
Math 4504 History of Mathematics
Math 4507 Geometry
Math 4551 Vector Analysis
Math 4552 Complex Analysis
Math 4556 Dynamical Systems
Math 4557 Partial Differential Equations
Math 4570 Applied Algebraic Topology
Math 4573 Elementary Number Theory
Math 4575 Combinatorial Mathematics
Math 4578 Discrete Mathematical Models
Math 5001 Introduction to Set Theory
Math 5051 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Math 5101 Linear Math in Finite Dimensions
Math 5102 Linear Math in Infinite Dimensions
Math 5451 Calculus of Variations and Tensor Calc
Math 5529H Honors Combinatorics
Math 5522H Honors Complex Analysis
Math 5540H Honors Differential Geometry
Math 5576H Honors Number Theory
Math 5601 Essentials of Numerical Methods
Math 5602 Computational Partial Differential Eqns
Math 5603 Numerical Linear Algebra
Math 5632 Financial Economics for Actuaries
Math 5702 Curves and Surfaces in $\mathbb{E}^3$
Math 5756 Math Methods in Relativity Theory I
Math 5757 Math Methods in Relativity Theory II
Math 5801 General Topology and Knot Theory

Note: Permission to enroll in 5000 level courses require permission of students' academic advisors.

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Sample 4 Year Schedule

Year 1

Autumn Spring
Math 1151
ARTSSCI 1100.01
Math 1152
Math 1295
English 1110

Year 2

Autumn Spring
Math 2153 4 Math 3345 
Math 2568

Year 3

Autumn Spring
Math 4547 or Math 4580
Math 4530 or Stat 4201
Math 2255
Math 4548 or Math 4581
Stat 4202

Year 4

Autumn Spring
Math 4547 or Math 4580
Math Major Elective
Math 4548 or Math 4581
Math Major Elective

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