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Returning Math & Actuarial Science Majors

Students that have left OSU for more than one semester will need assistance returning to the university. Students would have left OSU under two standings, good standing, or as a dismissed student.

Returning Students in Good Standing

Students that left the university under good standing, GPA above 2.0, are welcome to return to OSU at any time. Students should email the Math Advising Office. Students will need to be reactivated and then they will be eligible to take courses.

Students that have completed courses at another institution while away should send official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar. Students are encouraged to request to be removed from a Leave of Absence before registration begins for the semester they wish to return. Students that wait closer to the beginning of the term they wish to return may find it difficult to find open courses.

Reinstatement of Dismissed Students

Students that have been dismissed from the university for unsatisfactory academic progress will need to file a petition with the College of Arts and Sciences. Students can petition for reinstatement to the university after waiting for a period of at least two semesters. Reinstatement is not guaranteed, and a student’s desire to return is not sufficient support for a petition. Petitioning students need to prove that they are ready to succeed if they are allowed to return to the university. It is advisable to take academic course work at another institution during your time away from Ohio State, to demonstrate that the student is capable of succeeding in quality college-level work. 

Students that have been away from the university for 5 or more years should consider the Fresh Start policy. This policy may allow students to eliminate any deficiency points that may have been earned previously and will let the student restart OSU with a clean cumulative GPA (0.00).

Students wishing to file a petition for reinstatement will need to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor. Students should call 614-292-6994 to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the Department of Mathematics.

Students should note the deadlines for reinstatement for each semester. Late or incomplete petitions will be denied.

  • Spring Semester- October 1
  • Summer Semester - February 1
  • Autumn Semester - June 1