Math Minor

The Department of Mathematics offers a math minor option in which students will take foundational coursework in calculus, linear algebra, and proof writing.  The rest of the minor can be created by each student to complement any major or field of interest.  Mathematical methods are used today in numerous career fields including (but not limited to) medicine, law, design, engineering, finance, accounting, economics, architecture, and computer programming.


Declaring a Math Minor

Students should review the Math Minor Requirements, the three math minor options, and the restrictions to the math minor. To declare students should,
  1. Have finished multivariable calculus (Math 2153, Math 2162, Math 2182H, or 2173) or be finishing the course.
  2. Decided on what math elective courses they will use to complete the minor. Students should consult with their faculty to discuss best courses that are complimentary to their area of study.
  3. Complete a Math Minor Form during the Math Advising Office Walk-In Hours.
Note: Students must declare the math minor before they can enroll in Math 3345.

Math Minor Requirements

Students must complete 3 required courses, a multivariable calculus course, a proof writing course, and a linear algebra course. Students will then complete additional elective courses to complete their minor, the number of courses depending on the type of minor they are pursuing. 

Note: Engineering majors should review specific requirements based on their majors using the menu to the right.

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Traditional Math Minor:

The traditional math minor must contain at least 15 semester hours of mathematics courses, chosen from the required and elective courses. To complete the mathematics minor, students must have credit for the required courses and each course counted toward the minor must have a grade of C‐ or better. In addition, the GPA for courses counted toward the minor must be at least 2.0.

Honors Math Minor:

Any student enrolled in an undergraduate honors major MUST complete an honors math minor.  There are two ways to meet the requirements for the honors math minor.

Option 1:

  • Complete at least 15 credit hours of math, chosen from the required and elective courses listed above.
  • At least TWO of those courses must be honors math courses.
  • Courses that constitute the minor must have a GPA of at least a 3.0.

Option 2:

  • Complete at least 18 credit hours of math, chosen from the required and elective courses listed above.
  • Courses that constitute the minor must have a GPA of at least a 3.3.

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Restrictions for Math Minors

  • There must be 12 disjoint, non-overlapping hours with student's major counting in the minor.  Over and above those 12 hours, overlaps are permitted but only up to six hours are permitted to overlap.
  • Transfer credit and exam credit hours are allowed however, these may account for no more than one half of the credit hours required on the minor.
  • Math 2174, 2177, 3532, 3588, 3618, x193, 499x, and 56xx may not be used on the math minor.

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