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ASC Honors Contract - Math Tracks

These honors math requirements apply to freshman and transfer math majors starting at OSU Autumn 2020 or later.

Students pursuing their undergraduate degree from the Arts and Sciences Honors College are required to fulfill an honors major with an honors contract. Those Honors College students who wish to pursue a degree in Mathematics have several options in order to fulfill their graduation requirements from the Honors College.

For any of the ASC Honors math tracks: 3.4 overall GPA and at least a 3.20 math GPA (3.20 in all math courses that are included in each honors math track) with at least a B- in each such math course.

Please consult an Honors College Advisor to understand admission to the program and general education requirements. 

Please contact Rodica Barbu for your questions about an honors mathematics major.

Honors Math Theoretical Track

Honors Math Education Track

Honors Math Financial Track

Honors Math Applied - Physics Track

Honors Math Applied - Chemistry Track

Honors Math Biology Track