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Courses Only Used for Transfer Credit

Occasionally students will be awarded math transfer credit for a course not taught at OSU. Students are awarded credit for one of these courses as the course taken at the original institution is not equivalent to any math course at OSU.

Questions about Math 1040, Math 1074, or Math 1144 should be directed to the Math Advising Office.

Math Course Numbers for Transfer Credit Only

Math 1040 is awarded to courses that are determined to be at the remedial level and not equivalent to Math 1050, Math 1060, Math 1074, or Math 1075. Math courses at the remedial level cannot be used to fulfill requirements for a bachelor's degree at OSU, thus remedial courses not equivalent to a remedial course at OSU are awarded credit for Math 1040.

Credit for Math 1040 does not necessarily indicate the course is a level lower than Math 1050. It is possible the course is at a higher level, but if it is not equivalent to a specific course it will be awarded Math 1040 credit. Thus, students with credit for Math 1040 should take the Math Placement Test to determine the appropriate math course to enroll in at OSU.

Math 1074 is awarded to courses to that are not equivalent to Math 1075, but do complete the basic computational skills. Math 1074 will satisfy the university Basic Computational Skills GE-Legacy requirement and serve as prerequisite to Math 1116 and Math 1125.

Students with credit for Math 1074 must complete Math 1075 in order to enroll in Math 1130 or Math 1148.

Math 1144 is a course equivalent to Math 1150 Precalculus. Due to university restrictions, on occasions it is not possible to award credit for Math 1150, so the Department of Mathematics will award credit for Math 1144. Math 1144 is considered equivalent to Math 1150. Thus Math 1144 should fulfill any Math 1150 requirement and can be used to satisfy prerequisites for further math courses such as Math 1151 Calculus I, or science courses such as Chem 1210.