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Pre-Major and Application

All students interested in the actuarial science program within the Department of Mathematics will start as a pre-major.  Once students have completed the requirements to be enrolled in the actuarial science major, they should send an email with a copy of their advising report to their Academic Advisor who will enroll them into the actuarial science major. Students must meet the following two minimum requirements to be enrolled into the Actuarial Science major:

  1. Have a cumulative GPA (for courses taken at OSU) of at least a 3.0
  2. Earn a B- or better in Math 4530, Stat 4201, or Math 5530H (must be taken at OSU, not transferred in) OR pass one of the preliminary actuarial exams administered by SOA/CAS*.

This is to ensure that students majoring in actuarial science will be successful in their career field and competitive candidates when applying for jobs.

*An official letter about passing an exam from SOA/CAS must be provided when applying to the major.