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Honors Math Biology Track

Complexity and diversity of mathematical models and quantitative data applied in life sciences has increased dramatically over the years.  This track prepares students for research-based careers and graduate studies in biological and medical fields such as (but not limited to) genomics, neuroscience, and molecular modeling.

Honors Math Biology Track Requirements

Anyone interested in majoring in biological mathematics will be required to complete the following coursework, with prerequisite work in both math and natural science subject areas. After completing the required courses, students pick elective hours that highlight the focus of their future career and research interests.  Many of the elective options students will take have been pre-selected by faculty in order to fully align this math major to the biological science careers of the future.  Students need 6 credit hours total from the elective options. Coursework must come from both the math and biological science areas.

For any of the ASC Honors math tracks: 3.4 overall GPA and at least a 3.20 math GPA (3.20 in all math courses that are included in each honors math track) with at least a B- in each such math course.

Honors Math Biology Track Curriculum and Sample Schedule