General Education Requirements


Students admitted before Autumn 2022 completing a degree in Actuarial Science have the option of completing either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). This choice does not change the major program requirements. The difference between earning a BA or a BS lies within the General Education (GE-L) coursework a student must complete as a part of their undergraduate degree.  Information about GE-L requirements can be found on The College of Arts and Sciences Advising and Academic Services website.

Students admitted Autumn 22 and beyond completing a degree in Actuarial Science have the option of completing a Bachelor of Science (BS). These students will be completing the General Education GE-New (GE-N). Information about GE-N requirements can be found here.

All Actuarial Science Majors

The following courses are required for all Actuarial Science majors. These courses can also be used to satisfy GE requirements:

  • Math 1151 Calculus I satisfies the Quantitative and Logical Skills - Mathematical and Logical Analysis requirement
  • Math 1152  Calculus II partially satisfies the Open Option GE-L requirement
  • Economics 2001 and Economics 2002 satisfies the Social Science requirement.

Degree Audit (DARs)

Students can use Buckeye Link to run a degree audit, which provides an evaluation of how all the courses they have completed are used to meet both general and major course requirements. Students can review Instructions to Run a Degree Audit (DARs) [pdf] here.