Special and Technical Credit

The Department of Mathematics awards Special and Technical credit to courses when they are not equivalent to any course at OSU. Hence, further evaluation of Special and Technical credit is not permitted as the department has already determined the equivalency.

Special Credit is awarded to classes that do not match a course offered at OSU. Please contact your academic advisor to determine if special credit can fulfill any of your degree requirements. If your advisor is unsure if the credit can apply to your degree, please request your advisor to contact the Math Transfer Credit Coordinator.

Special credit will include a note on the right side of your Transfer Credit Report.

Special Credit (S000.xx) Explanation

" Part xxxx Insufficient Topics" 


Transfer Credit "SPL Part xxxx Insufficient Topics"

Indicates a course that is similar to Math xxxx at OSU, however it does not cover the same material as Math xxxx and thus is not an equivalent.

"Part xxxx Insufficient Hours"


Transfer Credit "SPL Part xxxx Insufficient Hours"

Indicates a course that covers the same material as Math xxxx, however it cannot be directly equated to Math xxxx due to lack of credit hours. Students may request this credit to fulfill the Math xxxx requirement. Students should work with their major department to determine if this credit will satisfy degree requirements.

"Additional xxxx Hours"


Transfer Credit "Additional xxxx Hours"

Indicates the additional hours from the combination of two courses to form Math xxxx.

"xxxx Level"


Transfer Credit "xxxx Level"

Indicates a course that is taught at the Math xxxx level, but cannot be considered equivalent to Math xxxx.

Technical Credit (T000.xx)

Technical credit courses cannot be used to satisfy math requirements at OSU. You should consult with your college to determine if this credit can be used to count towards the minimum hours required for graduation.


Enrolling in Further Math and Science Courses

Students with only Special (Math SPL) and/or Technical (Math Tech) credit will need to take the Math Placement Test. Students will be permitted to enroll in math and science courses based upon their Math Placement Test score.

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