The Department of Mathematics has staff members who provide support and advice for instructors at all levels, with emphasis on working with teaching associates (TAs). Dr. Dan BorosJohn Lewis and Jessica Wheeler have extensive experience in teaching at college and college preparatory levels. Dan has a PhD in mathematics, while John and Jessica have Master's degrees in mathematics and additional coursework in mathematics education. There is an open-door policy at all times; anyone who wants to chat can stop by their offices on the third floor of the Math Tower, Rooms 300, 302, and 305.

Our TA training management team:

  • observe classes and provide feedback to instructors
  • determine teaching assignments for TAs
  • videotape instructors by request
  • consult and advise on teaching and learning mathematics
  • help with troubleshooting classroom problems
  • share information about Department and University policies which are pertinent to teachers

Dr. William Husen, Director of Undergraduate Studies, is a resource for faculty and TAs in all mathematics courses, and the department ombudsman for students in those courses. His office is located in a suite on the first floor of the Math Tower, Room 124.