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Honors Math Financial Track

The financial industry is one of the most prominent and complex industries in the world today.  With a strong computational background highlighting statistics and probability, students in this track will be competitive candidates in any corporate or commercial based career within the finance, investment, real estate, or banking industry. Students interested in majoring in the honors math financial track will be required to complete the following course work comprised of core classes and electives. Many of the other math major tracks offered within the Department of Mathematics have similar core major requirements; the main differences lie within the elective choices.  In the honors math financial track, electives have been previously defined by faculty in order to highlight the financial aspect of the major and to prepare students for careers/internships within this field of interest.

For any of the ASC Honors math tracks: 3.4 overall GPA and at least a 3.20 math GPA (3.20 in all math courses that are included in each honors math track) with at least a B- in each such math course.

Students may review the requirements and sample schedule for the Math Financial Track on the handout:

Honors Financial Math Track Curriculum and Sample Schedule