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The Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Actuarial Science and Quantitative Risk Management (MAQRM) degree programs. Graduate students in these programs are part of a challenging environment with unique opportunities for teaching and research, and have the opportunity to work with some of the finest scholars in the country.


There are currently 60 regular mathematics faculty on the Columbus campus, and 17 regular faculty on branch campuses. Our faculty teach graduate courses, direct graduate theses, and are active in about every area of mathematics, with research groups collaborating within the department as well as with other departments on campus. Many are leaders within their research areas - for example, the department is often represented by at least three faculty speakers at International Congress of Mathematics conferences.

The contact information and research areas of our faculty can be found on our People pages. Prospective as well as current students are invited to contact faculty members directly for more information about their research.


Courses & Seminars

The graduate curriculum of the department includes courses at the preparatory master's level (numbered 5xxx) and at the doctoral level (numbered 6xxx and higher), leading up to advanced research topics courses in all major areas of mathematics. The available courses can be found on the Courses portion of our website as well as in the University Course Catalog, with brief descriptions. 

The department runs numerous regular research seminars, colloquia, and special lectures (see Events). These include seminars and working groups organized by our graduate students - for example, in number theory, algebraic geometry, ergodic theory, and computational mathematics. In addition, the Invitation to Mathematics lecture series serves as a student colloquium where faculty introduce beginning graduate students to research areas in mathematics and to possible thesis topics.


Facilities & Funding

The department rated 3rd in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Mathematical Sciences funding among mathematics departments in the United States. We house the Mathematics Research Institute (MRI), which supports visitors, workshops, and seminars. In addition, the department is home of the prestigious Journal of Number Theory and the Journal of Approximation Theory.



Prospective students and other inquiries: grad-info@math.osu.edu 
Current students in our program: grad-office@math.osu.edu

Graduate Office
Department of Mathematics
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Phone: (614) 292-6274
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