Undergraduate Program

For ages mathematicians have made many invisible and unsung contributions to advancements in science and technology. In recent years, they have become more numerous, and--belatedly--more visible in the U.S. workforce.

  • Future Students: Consider a Career in Mathematics
    • Current Students or non-OSU students can find information about the Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and IMME majors at OSU. Some information includes details about the Department of Mathematics, degree requirements, and career opportunities.
  • Math and Actuarial Science Majors
    • The Department of Mathematics is the home to Math and Actuarial Science students. Information about degree requirements, scheduling classes, extracurricular opportunities, and more is available for current majors.
  • Non-Math Majors
    • Since all students at OSU are required to take math courses, the Department of Mathematics provides a number of resources for students. Current OSU students can find information about the Math Minor, Math Requirements for each Major, Scheduling Math Classes, Proficiency Exams, Study Resources, and more.
  • New Ohio State University Students
    • All new students to OSU should view this page. Different procedures about transitioning to your career at OSU are listed, such as AP Credit, the Math Placement Test, Evaluating Transfer Credit, and the math classes required for your major.
  • Math Advising Office
    • The Math Advising Office coordinates and operates the Undergraduate Mathematics Program at OSU. Questions about undergraduate courses or undergraduate students taking math courses should be directed to the Math Advising Office.

Students interested in a Statistics program should contact the Statistics Department.