MRI Conferences

The Mathematics Research Institute provides financial support for conferences and workshops held at The Ohio State University which involve faculty and students from the Mathematics Department. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming conferences. Here is a listing of all MRI Conferences.

Young Mathematicians Conference

The Young Mathematicians Conference (YMC) is an annual conference for undergraduate student researchers in Mathematics. Students present talks and posters of their results and discoveries as well as discuss research ideas and experiences with their peers.  About 70 students are invited with full support to the conference.  It is held during a weekend in August at the Department of Mathematics of The Ohio State University.

Each conference has 3 lectures by highly accomplished researchers and teachers, which introduce students to advanced, innovative, and exciting topics in mathematics. Speakers in the past included recipients of prestigious MacArthur and Sloan Fellowships, Pólya and Nevanlinna Prizes, as well as of the Haimo, Chauvenet, and Allendoerfer Awards for excellence in exposition and teaching.  See YMC for more information.

The Ohio State-Denison Mathematics Conferences

The Ohio State-Denison Conference was first organized in 1970 by Hans Zassenhaus, and has been meeting biennially ever since. It takes place over a spring weekend on the beautiful Denison University campus in Granville, Ohio, 30 miles east of Columbus. The conference consists of three parallel sessions in combinatorics, group theory and ring theory. The conference is partially funded by the Mathematical Research Institute. Recent conferences in this series:

Conversations Conference

The Conversations Conference series promotes active conversations between Ohio high school math teachers and OSU faculty and staff working in the Department of Mathematics.