Summer Math Programs


Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom: Girls Exploring Mathematics

Beyond the Classroom is a non-residential summer program sponsored by the OSU Department of Mathematics. This program invites middle and high school students to experience mathematics through engaging activities in an untraditional environment. For more information, and to apply, see BTC.







Ross Mathematics Program

Ross Mathematics Program

The Ross Program is an intensive summer experience designed to encourage motivated pre-college students to explore mathematics. During those six weeks, students are immersed in a world of mathematical discovery.  The central goal of the Ross Program has always been to instruct bright young students in the art of mathematical thinking and to inspire them to discover for themselves that abstract ideas are valuable and important. First year participants take the basic course in number theory.  For more information, and to apply, see the Ross Mathematics Program website.





Research Opportunities in Mathematics for Underrepresented Students (ROMUS)

ROMUS logo

The Department of Mathematics at the Ohio State University invites undergraduate students, primarily from traditionally underrepresented groups, to work with a faculty member on a project of mutual interest for 8-10 weeks during the summer. The projects will be in the areas of topological and geometric data analysis; probability; infectious disease modeling; dynamics; applied math; algebraic geometry; operator algebras; quantum theory; computational number theory; computational math; combinatorics and model theory.  If you are interested in participating and would like to learn more, please contact Dr Tony Nance by email at 






YMC (Young Mathematicians Conference)

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YMC The Young Mathematicians Conference (YMC) is a premier annual conference for undergraduate research in mathematics. Accepted students (typically around 65) are invited with support to the conference during a weekend at the Department of Mathematics of the Ohio State University.  Every conference includes lectures by highly accomplished researchers and educators, representatives from various PhD programs around the country, a venue for young mathematicians to collaborate and the opportunity to meet faculty mentors of undergraduate research projects.  For more information, and to apply, see YMC.