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Pamela Kaye Geist

Pamela Kaye Geist Portrait

As a woman entrepreneur, PhD, and Professional Educator, Pamela currently owns and operates two innovative companies in Denver area. She is the CEO of TEG Global, LLC and founder of Educational Resources, LLC.

TEG Global is an established Business and Engineering IT company aimed at hiring the best professional technical, business and engineering talent available in the market place to work on site as project managers, programmers, analysts, and cloud services. As CEO, Pamela orchestrated a business worth over $5 million in revenue and growing with marquee clients such as IBM and Openwave Software systems.

Pamela also founded an innovative education-focused company, Educational Resources, LLC. The mission of Educational Resource is to empower students mathematically and to provide support as students work to achieve challenging educational goals, often the very goals that stand in the way of Science and Mathematics-based career paths. Pamela provides improved learning opportunities to empower students academically, ACT and SAT preparation, assistance with testing accommodations when appropriate, and other resources that assist students as they navigate the often-challenging Educational Environment Rom K-12, College, and graduate school. Most recently, she moved into the international education arena. Pamela created a program that provides mentorship and professional goals while living in an extremely challenging circumstances and educational environments. This program supports disadvantaged Peruvian scholars to navigate the complexity of the academic challenges and the university educational system in Peru, through mentoring and tutoring in mathematics, business and engineering.

It is through her educational business that Pamela has created a nexus between her academic knowledge, business acumen, and the educational needs of the communities she serves. She studied Neuroscience of Learning from the Advanced Learning Institute in Boulder Colorado and has created a Company that offers and applied knowledge of improving educational experiences for learning mathematics across diverse communities. As a successful entrepreneur and educator, Pamela is testimony to what a breadth of mathematical knowledge and a mathematics education can achieve. She has created a business that weave together intricacies of technology, finance, and education using entrepreneurial and educational strategies, while maintaining a love of mathematics and community stewardship.

Pamela revived a PhD from Michigan State University in Education, Policy and Practice, with an emphasis in disciplinary knowledge of advanced mathematics. She Conducted Research on the relationship between disciplinary knowledge of Mathematics and teaching mathematics for understanding. This work was supported through CPRE, the Center for Policy Research in Education. She holds a master of Science in Mathematics/Mathematics Education at the Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

She has conducted research on mathematics teaching and learning at University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and Michigan State University in East Lansing. She has taught Mathematics at the Ohio State University, Franklin University in a private four-year college of Business and Engineering, Columbus State college mathematics department, Michigan State university, and University of Colorado at Denver. She also has taught technical mathematics and Computer Programming to Electrical Engineers at Liebert Corporation.