Mathematics Majors

Students completing a Mathematics degree must complete two different set of requirements, general education (GE) and major requirements.

General Education (GE) Requirements

Every student at Ohio State will take General Education courses. Although these GE courses are meant to provide a broad baseline of learning, often times the courses supplement the student’s major or program. Students majoring in mathematics should review how General Education (GE) Requirements for Math Majors.

Mathematics Majors Requirements

The Department of Mathematics offers two different degrees, six major tracks, and the possibility of double majors and/or dual degrees. Here students can find the details about the different tracks, majors, the possibilities of double majors and dual degrees.

Math Theoretical Track

The theoretical track is intended for students seeking a strong foundation in classical mathematics, in particular for students intending to pursue graduate study in mathematics. Students planning to pursue a PhD. in mathematics are strongly encouraged to take the honors version of the math courses whenever possible.

Math Honors Track

The Department of Mathematics offers a strong four-year sequence of honors courses as well as enrichment courses and problem solving seminars. These courses are accelerated, more concept-oriented versions of the regular sequences designed to challenge the well-prepared, highly motivated student, not necessarily a math major.

Math Applied Track

This applied math option is intended for students seeking a strong foundation in mathematics and its application in physical science with options in physics or chemistry.

Math Biology Track

"Mathematics is applicable to many different aspects of biology, and new applications are continually being found." This major is designed to prepare a student for research in mathematical biology or medicine.

Math Education Track

The Education Track is designed for students seeking secondary education licensure in mathematics.

Math Financial Track

The Financial Math Track is designed for students seeking a career in quantitative finance or a related field. Students planning to pursue graduate studies in financial mathematics are strongly encouraged to take the honors versions of the mathematics courses, whenever possible.

Double Majors and Dual Degrees

The Department of Mathematics has developed a double major that combines the mathematics and actuarial science majors. Students will receive the foundations in actuarial science while strengthening their skills in classical mathematics. Students will have a strong background to enter the actuarial science field or attend graduate school.

Students also have the opportunity to complete a math major and any other major at OSU to earn a double major or a dual degree.