PhD Dissertations

In 1909 the department awarded its first PhD to Grace M. Bareis, whose dissertation was directed by Professor Harry W. Kuhn. The department began awarding PhD degrees on a regular basis around 1930, when a formal doctoral program was established as a result of the appointment of Tibor Radó as a professor at our department. To date, the department has awarded over 800 PhD degrees. An average of approximately 15 dissertations per year have been added in recent times. Find below a list of PhD theses completed in our program since 1952. (Additionally, search Ohio State at Math Genealogy, which also includes some theses from other OSU departments.)

2023 Charparro Sumalave, Gustavo Topological Rigidity of Piecewise Totally Geodesic Hyperbolic Manifolds Lafont, Jean-Francois
2023 Chen, Chen Total Positivity of the Mixed Grassmannian Anderson, David
2023 Gomez Flores, Mario Curvature Sets and Persistent Homology Memory, Facundo
2023 Pan, Amanda Random Walks and Number Partitioning Nguyen, Hoi
2023 Super, Shidhesh Quasimap Theory for GIT Stack Bundle Tseng, Hsian-Hua
2023 Zhou, Ling Beyond Persistent Homology: More Discriminative Persistent Invariants Memoli, Facundo
2023 Carr, Matthew Retractive Operadic Algebras in Spectra and Completions Harper, John
2023 Casey, Ian Combinatorics and Geometry of Hilbert Schemes of Points on Surfaces Anderson, David
2023 Chen, Quan Higher Symmetries in Operator Algebras Penneys, David
2023 Mishra, Bhawesh Algebraic and Arithmetic Properties of Intersective Polynomials Bergelson, Vitaly
2023 Liu, Baian Rings of Integer-Valued Rational Functions Loper, Alan
2023 Su, Wei Hung Utilizing Data-Driven Modeling to Characterize Biological Systems Xiu, Dongbin
2023 Wei, Zhining The Circle Method and Shifted Convolutions of Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms Luo, Wenzhi
2023 Werf Vander, Andrew On Certain Random Topological Structures Kahle, Matthew [Paquette, Elliot]
2023 Zhang, Danyu (Fibrewise) Anosov Systems Gogolyev, Andriy
2022 Ababneh, Ayat Homology of Gaussian Random Chains Kahle, Matthew
2022 Ackelsberg, Ethan Recurrence Properties of Measure-Preserving Actions of Abelian Groups and Applications Bergelson, Vitaly
2022 Andrejek, Luke

Mathematical Models Explaining Leaf Curling and Robustness via Adaxial-Abaxial Patterning in Arabidopsis

Best, Janet
2022 Call, Benjamin Uniqueness and Mixing Properties of Equilibrium States Thompson, Daniel
2022 Campolongo, Elizabeth Lattice Point Counting through Fractal Geometry and Stationary Phase for Surfaces with Vanishing Curvature Taylor, Krystal
2022 Chen, Yuhang Equivariant Moduli Theory on K3 Surfaces Tseng, Hsian-Hua
2022 Dell, Zachary A Classification of Unitary Braided-Enriched Monoidal Categories Penneys, David
2022 Duncan, Paul Homological Percolation in a Torus Kahle, Matthew
2022 Farhangi, Sohail

Topics in Ergodic Theory and Ramsey Theory

Bergelson, Vitaly
2022 Huston, Peter Tensor Category Constructions in Topological Phases of Matter Penneys, David
2022 Jeon, Minyoung On Measuring Singularities of Schubert Varieties in Classical Types Anderson, David
2022 Kim, Jimin Configuration Spaces of Repulsive Particles on a Metric Graph Kahle, Matthew
2022 Leung, Wing Hong A Reformulation of the Delta Method and the Subconvexity Problem Holowinsky, Roman
2022 Martínez Figueroa, Francisco Graph Homomorphisms: Topology, Probability, and Statistical Physics Kahle, Matthew
2022 Mejia Cordero, Julian Subconvexity Problems via the Delta Method Holowinsky, Roman
2022 Oh, Josiah Quasi-Isometric Rigidity of a Product of Lattices, and the Coarse Geometry of Non-Transitive Graphs Lafont, Jean-Francois
2022 Sun, Jiawei Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Boussinesq System and Stochastic Maxwell Equations Xing, Yulong
2022 Tsang, Ling Hei Filtrations on Combinatorial Intersection Cohomology and Invariants of Subdivisions Katz, Eric
2022 Vargas Bernal, Esteban Three Studies on Random Walks and Disease Dynamics on Networks Tien, Joseph
2022 Wang, Qingsong The Persistent Topology of Geometric Filtrations Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2022 Wang, Yuda Harmonic Bergman Theory on Punctured Domains Koenig, Kenneth
2022 Yan, Pan L-Function for Sp(4)xGL(2) via a Non-Unique Model Cogdell, James
2022 Yang, Ruize High Order Structure-Preserving Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Shallow Water Equations and Nonlinear Dirac Equation Xing, Yulong
2022 Zhang, Yilong Topological Abel-Jacobi Map for Hypersurfaces in Complex Projective Four-Space Clemens, Herbert
2022 Zhou, Zixu Deep Learning of Model Correction and Discontinuity Detection  Dongbin, Xiu
2021 Bainbridge, Gabriel Some constructions of algebraic model categories Krishnan, Sanjeevi
2021 Bello, Jason Cyclic Particle Systems on Finite Graphs and Cellular Automata on Rooted, Regular Trees and Galton-Watson Trees Sivakoff, David
2021 Best, Andrew Applications of ergodic theory to number theory and additive combinatorics Bergelson, Vitaly
2021 Bruno, Nick Ideal Structure of Rings of Analytic Functions with non-Archimedian Metrics Loper, Kenneth Alan
2021 Chen, Zhen Deep Learning of Unknown Governing Equations Xiu, Dongbin
2021 Clark, Duncan An operad structure for the Goodwillie derivatives of the identity functor in structured ring spectra Harper, John
2021 Clum, Charles Topics in the Mathematics of Data Science Mixon, Dustin
2021 Ferre Moragues, Andreu Properties of Furstenberg systems and multicorrelation sequences Bergelson, Vitaly
2021 Harper, Matthew Classical and Quantum Knot Invariants Kerler, Thomas
2021 Hernandez Palomares, Roberto Quantum symmetries for quantum spaces Penneys, David
2021 Lim, Sunhyuk Geometry, Topology, and Spectral Methods in Data Analysis: from Injective Metric Spaces, through Gromov-type Distances, to Generalized MDS Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2021 Patel, Dhir Explicit Sub-Weyl Bound For Riemann Zeta Function Hiary, Ghaith
2021 Schonsheck, Nikolas Fibration theorems and the Taylor tower of the identity for spectral operadic algebras Harper, John
2021 Shah, Aniket Operational and quantum K-theory of toric varieties Anderson, David
2021 Wan, Zhengchao Distances within and between Metric Spaces: Metric Geometry, Optimal Transport and Applications to Data Analysis Memoli, Roberto
2021 Wang, Tianyu Thermodynamic formalism, statistical properties and multifractal analysis of non-uniformly hyperbolic systems Thompson, Daniel
2021 Xie, Yuancheng Algebraic Curves and Flag Varieties in Solutions of the KP Hierarchy and the Full Kostant-Toda Hierarchy Kodama, Yuji
2021 Zelada Cifuentes, Jose Rigoberto Enrique Recurrence and Mixing Properties of Measure Preserving Systems and Combinatorial Applications     Bergelson, Vitaly
2021 Zhang, Han Genericity on submanifolds and Equidistribution of polynomial trajectories on Homogeneous spaces Shah, Nimish
2020 Antoniou, Austin On Product and Sum Decompositions of Sets: The Factorization Theory of Power Monoids Loper, Kenneth Alan
2020 Beckwith, Alexander Moments of automorphic L-functions at special points Luo, Wenzhi
2020 Castillo, Andrew L^p and Weighted L^2 Estimates for Barred Derivatives in Several Complex Variables Koenig, Kenneth
2020 DeBoer, Neil Justification Logic, Type Theory, and the BHK Interpretation Carlson, Timothy
2020 Horst, Michael Cohomology of Picard Categories Johnson, Niles
2020 Kim, Woojin The Persistent Topology of Dynamic Data Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2020 Mernik, Luka Positivity Conditions in Several Complex Variables McNeal, Jeffery
2020 Ohl, Trent   The First-Order Theory of Expansions of o-Minimal Structures by the Image of a Fast Sequence Miller, Christopher
2020 Osborne, Matthew On the Interaction of Disease and Behavioral Contagions Tien, Joseph
2020 Singhal, Kritika Geometric Methods for Simplification and Comparison of Data Sets Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2020 Wang, Jun

A Quantum Lefschetz Theorem without Convexity

Tseng, Hsian-Hua
2020 Zhang, Runlin Translates of homogeneous measures associated with observable subgroups Shah, Nimish
2020 Zhang, Yu Topological Quillen localization and homotopy pro-nilpotent structured ring spectra Harper, John
2019 Aggarwal, Keshav Subconvexity Bounds and Simplified Delta Methods Holowinsky, Roman
2019 Carnovale, Marc Arithmetic Structures in Small Subsets of Euclidean Space Bergelson, Vitaly
2019 Chowdhury, Samir Metric and Topological Approaches to Network Data Analysis Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2019 Guo, Sheng On Neumann Problems for Fully Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations on Manifolds Guan, Bo
2019 Khalil, Osama On the Dimension of Certain Divergent Trajectories on Homogeneous Spaces and Diophantine Approximation Shah, Nimish
2019 Meehan, Sean On some universality problems in discrete random matrices Nguyen, Hoi
2019 Okutan, Osman Persistence, Metric Invariants, and Simplification Memoli, Roberto Facundo
2019 Ritchey, Katherine Computational Topology for Configuration Spaces of Disks in a Torus Kahle, Matthew
2019 Xiong, Jue The Dirichlet Operator and its Mapping Properties McNeal, Jeffery 
2019 Xu, Chao Non-conformal geometry on noncommutative 2-tori Moscovici, Henri
2019 Yang, Pengyu Equidistribution in Homogeneous Spaces and Diophantine Approximation Shah, Nimish
2019 Ye, Rongqing Explicit formulas for local factors of supercuspidal representations of GL(n) and their applications Cogdell, James
2018 Belfanti, Edward Michael Aspects of Automorphic Induction Cogdell, James
2018 Blomquist, Jacobson Iterated Delooping and Desuspension of Structured Ring Spectra Harper, John
2018 Glogic, Irfan On the Existence and Stability of Self-Similar Blowup in Nonlinear Wave Equations  Costin, Ovidiu
2018 Jo, Yeongseong The Computation of the Local Exterior Square L-function for GL(m) via Bernstein-Zelevinsky Derivatives Cogdell, James
2018 Kennedy, Christopher Construction of maps by Postnikov towers Lafont, Jean-Francois
2018 Khan, Gabriel On the Hermitian Geometry of k-Gauduchon Orthogonal Complex Structures Zheng, Fangyang
2018 Lin, Yongxiao Subconvex bounds for twists of GL(3) L-functions Holowinsky, Roman
2018 McGregor, Daniel On the structure of Kronecker function rings and their generalizations Loper, Kenneth Alan
2018 Moore, Daniel An Intrinsic Theory of Smooth Automorphic Representations Cogdell, James
2018 Nash, Evan Extended Tropicalization of Spherical Varieties Kennedy, Gary
2018 Newman, John Andrew Torsion in homology of random simplicial complexes Kahle, Matthew
2018 Nowland, Kevin Hecke-Maass forms, Einstein series, and L-functions Holowinsky, Roman
2018 Renardy, Marissa  Parameter Analysis in Models of Yeast Cell Polarization and Stem Cell Lineage Chou, Ching-Shan
2018 Richter, Florian The dichotomy between structure and randomness and applications to combinatorial number theory Bergelson, Vitaly
2018 Sathaye, Bakul Obstructions to Riemannian smoothings of locally CAT(0) manifolds Lafont, Jean-Francois
2018 Shin, Yeonjong Topics in High-Dimensional Approximation Theory Xiu, Dongbin
2018 Staten, Corey  Structure diagrams for symmetric monoidal 3-categories: a computadic approach Johnson, Niles
2018 Wang, Yilong On Integrality of SO(n)-Level 2 TQFTs Kerler, Thomas
2018 Yang, Xige Mathematical Models of Pattern Formation in Cell Biology Xue, Chuan
2018 Yu, Han Baek Combinatorial and probabilistic aspects of coupled oscillators Sivakoff, David
2017 Adali, Ali Applications of Quasi Solution Method to Interfacial and other Nonlinear Problems Tanveer, Saleh
2017 Borland, Alexander An Invariant of Links on Surfaces via Hopf Algebra Bundles Kerler, Thomas
2017 Dinitz, Thomas Cox Processes and Their Use In Mathematical Models of Sleep-Wake Regulation Best, Janet
2017 Glasscock, Daniel Algebraic, analytic, and geometric notions of largeness for subsets of the integer lattice and their applications Bergelson, Vitaly
2017 Kim, Tae Eun Quasi-Solution approach to Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations: Applications to 2-D Vortex Patch Problems Tanveer, Saleh
2017 Liu, Shenhui Automorphic L-functions and Their Derivatives  Luo, Wenzhi
2017 Parsons, Kyle Spanning k-trees and loop-erased random surfaces Kahle, Matthew
2017 Senay Aras, Betul Investigation of Some Cell Morphology Using Phase Field Method Chou, Ching-Shan
2017 Steward, Michael Extending the Skolem Property Loper, Kenneth Alan
2017 Swang, Theodore A Mathematical Model for the Energy Allocation Function of Sleep Best, Janet
2017 Wang, Yanli Mathematical models of budding yeast colony formation and damage segregation in stem cells Chou, Ching-Shan
2017 Xia, Bingyu Moduli Spaces of Bridgeland Semistable Complexes Anderson, David
2017 You, Fenglong A Mirror Theorem for Toric Stack Bundles Tseng, Hsian-Hua
2016 Buenger, Carl  Quantitative Non-Divergence, Effective Mixing, and Random Walks on Homogeneous Spaces Shah, Nimish
2016 Cervantes, José Hopf algebras associated to transitive pseudogroups in codimension 2 Moscovici, Henri
2016 Edholm, Luke  The Bergman kernel of fat Hartogs triangles McNeal, Jeffery
2016 Le, Giang  The Action Dimension of Artin Groups Davis, Michael
2016 Malen, Greg  The Topology of Random Flag and Graph Homomorphism Complexes Kahle, Matthew
2016 Moreira, Joel  Partition regular polynomial patterns in commutative semigroups Bergelson, Vitaly
2016 Schmidt, Benjamin Stability Conditions on Threefolds and Space Curves Anderson, David
2016 Wang, Shi Barycentric Straightening, Splitting Rank and Bounded Cohomology Lafont, Jean-Francois
2016 Zhang, Qing On certain results on the local gamma factors for the symplectic and unitary groups Cogdell, James
2016 Zheng, Cheng Sparse Equidistribution of Unipotent Orbits in Finite-Volume Quotients of PSL(2,R) Shah, Nimish
2015 Baker, Charles On the Determination of Spectral Properties of Certain Families of Operators Costin, Ovidiu
2015 Gubkin, Steven  L2 Mergelyan Theorems in Several Complex Variables McNeal, Jeffery
2015 Hsu, Ting-Hao A Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory Approach to Viscous Singular Shocks Profiles for Systems of Conservation Laws Keyfitz, Barbara
2015 Huang, Jihui Classification of Soliton Graphs On Totally positive Grassmannian Kodama, Yuji
2015 Lam, Wing Chung Second moment of the central values of the symmetric square L-functions Luo, Wenzhi
2015 Liu, Yang Modular curvature for toric noncommutative manifolds Moscovici, Henri
2015 Nasca, Angelo  The Linear Dynamics of Several Commuting Operators Bergelson, Vitaly
2015 Noble, Laine Evolution of Dispersal in Patchy Habitats Lou, Yuan
2015 Qi, Zhi Theory of Bessel Functions of High Rank Holowinsky, Roman
2015 Robertson, Donald  Characteristic Factors for Multiple Recurrence and Combinatorial Applications Bergelson, Vitaly
2015 Sui, Zhenan On Some Classes of Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Guan, Bo
2015 Talamo, James Ultraintense Laser-Driven Relativistic Hydrodynamics for Plane Symmetric Systems Gerlach, Ulrich
2015 Wang, Xiaohui Singularity Theory of Strategy Functions Under Dimorphism Equivalence Golubitsky, Martin
2015 Xia, Xiaoyue New asymptotic methods for the global analysis of ordinary differential equations and for non-selfadjoint spectral problems Costin, Ovidiu
2015 Yang, Tao Explicit Realization of Hopf Cyclic Cohomology Classes of Bicrossed Product Hopf Algebras Moscovici, Henri
2015 Ying, Hao The Problem of Sonic Shock Formation Keyfitz, Barbara
2015 Zhang, Qing Bounds for Hecke Eigenforms and Their Allied L-functions Luo, Wenzhi
2014 Bosna, Bora On Amalgamation of Pure Patterns of Resemblance of Order Two Carlson, Timothy
2014 Christopherson, John Closed Ideals in the Stone-Čech Compactification of a Countable Semigroup and Some Applications to Ergodic Theory and Topological Dynamics Bergelson, Vitaly
2014 Edgren, Neal  Poincaré-Type Metrics and Their ∂‾ Estimates on Pseudoconvex Domains McNeal, Jeffery
2014 Fotis, Samuel  On the nonvanishing of central L-values associated to Hecke eigenforms Luo, Wenzhi
2014 Jia, Yuhan Numerical study of the KP solitons and higher order Miles theory of the Mach reflection in shallow water Kodama, Yuji 
2014 Kim, Jung Eun Analysis of Sleep-Wake Transition Dynamics by Stochastic Mean Field Model and Metastable State Best, Janet
2014 Miller, Jason  Okounkov Bodies of Borel Orbit Closures in Wonderful Group Compactifications Kennedy, Gary
2014 Nicol, Andrew Quasi-isometries of graph manifolds do not preserve non-positive curvature Lafont, Jean-Francois
2014 Ozcakir, Ozge Vortex-Wave Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations in a Cylindrical Pipe Tanveer, Saleh
2014 Poole, Daniel A Study of Random Hypergraphs and Directed Graphs Pittel, Boris
2014 Ravindran, Hari  On Shifted Convolution Sums Involving the Fourier Coefficients of Theta Functions Attached to Quadratic Forms Luo, Wenzhi
2014 Wang, Kun On the Farrell-Jones Isomorphism Conjecture Lafont, Jean-Francois
2014 Ye, Zhilin The Second Moment of Rankin-Selberg L-functions, Hybrid Subconvexity Bounds, and Related Topics Holowinsky, Roman
2013 Acan, Huseyin An Enumerative-Probabilistic Study of Chord Diagrams Pittel, Boris
2013 Alexander, Samuel The Theory of Several Knowing Machines Carlson, Timothy
2013 All, Timothy  On the Galois module structure of the units and ray classes of a real abelian number field Sinnott, Warren
2013 Banerjee, Sayanti  A Mathematical Model for the Transition in Firing Patterns Across Puberty of a Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Neuron Best, Janet
2013 Chen, Weitao Fast sweeping methods for steady state hyperbolic conservation problems and numerical applications for shape optimization and computational cell biology  Chou, Ching-Shan
2013 Estill, Charles Matroid relationships : matroids for algebraic topology  Chmutov, Sergei
2013 George, Jennifer  TQFTs from quasi-Hopf algebras and group cocycles  Kerler, Thomas 
2013 Gibbins, Aliska Automorphisms of buildings constructed via covering spaces  Davis, Michael W.
2013 Greene, Ryan The deformation theory of discrete reflection groups and projective structures  Davis, Michael W.
2013 Joecken, Kyle Dimension of virtually cyclic classifying spaces for certain geometric groups  Lafont, Jean-Francois
2013 Kowalick, Ryan Discrete systolic inequalities  Lafont, Jean-Francois
2013 Perkins, Rudolph  On special values of Pellarin's L-series  Goss, David
2013 Peterson, Nicholas  On random [kappa]-out graphs with preferential attachment  Pittel, Boris
2013 Rosenblatt, Heather Asymptotics and borel summability : applications to MHD, boussinesq equations and rigorous stokes constant calculations  Tanveer, Saleh
2013 Son, Younghwan Some results on joint ergodicity, sets of recurrence and substitution and tiling systems  Bergelson, Vitaly
2013 Sun, Wei On a class of complex Monge-Ampère type equations on Hermitian manifolds  Guan, Bo
2013 Teh, Wen Chean Ramsey algebras and Ramsey spaces  Carlson, Timothy
2013 Tychonievich, Michael Tameness results for expansions of the real field by groups  Chris Miller
2013 Vutha, Amit Normal forms and unfoldings of singular strategy functions  Golubitsky, Martin
2013 Waller, Bradley Properties of p-adic C_k distributions  Sinnott, Warren
2013 Wiser, Justin Harmonic resonance dynamics of the periodically forced hopf oscillator  Golubitsky, Martin
2013 Yu, Xun On smooth isolated curves in general complete intersection Calabi-Yau threefolds  Clemens, Herbert
2012 Averill, Isabel  The effect of intermediate advection on two competing species   Lou, Yuan
2012 Chai, Jingsong Archimedean derivatives and Rankin-Selberg integrals  Cogdell, James
2012 Du, Dong Contributions to Persistence Theory Burghelea, Dan
2012 Easwaran, Hiranmoy Multidimensional khintchine-marstrand-type problems  Bergelson, Vitaly
2012 Gard, Andrew  Reverse Isoperimetric Inequalities in R³  Fangyang Zheng
2012 Kim, Raeyong On the Theorem of Kan-Thurston and Algebraic Rank of CAT(0) Groups Lafont, Jean-Francois
2012 Lynd, Justin A Characterization of the 2-fusion system of L4(q) Solomon, Ron
2012 Sequin, Matthew Comparing invariants of 3-manifolds derived from Hopf Algebras  Kerler, Thomas 
2012 Sivaraman, Vaidyanathan Some topics concerning graphs, signed graphs and matroids  Robertson, G. Neil
2012 Ustian, Alex  Additive Polynomial Flows on Tori in Positive Characteristic Shah, Nimish
2011 Adduci, James Perturbations of Selfadjoint Operators with Discrete Spectrum Mityagin, Boris
2011 Danisman, Yusuf L-factors of Supercuspidal Representations of p-adic GSp(4) Cogdell, James
2011 Hui, Wing San Classification of Complete Real Kähler Euclidean Submanifolds in Codimension Three Zheng, Fangyang
2011 Ji, Haixia Uniqueness of Equilibria for Complex Chemical Reaction Networks Feinberg, Martin
2011 McDougal, Robert  Excitatory-Inhibitory Interactions as The Basis Of Working Memory Terman, David
2011 Munther, Daniel  Ideal Free Dispersal: Dynamics Of Two And Three Competing Species Lou, Yuan
2011 Polo, Fabrizio Equidistribution in Chaotic Dynamical Systems Bergelson, Vitaly
2011 Ravisankar, Sivaguru Lipschitz Properties of Harmonic and Holomorphic Functions McNeal, Jeffery
2011 Ross, Christopher Jon Properties of Random Threshold and Difference Graphs Pittel, Boris
2011 Samara, Marko Limit Theorems for the Rotational Isomeric State Model March, Peter
2011 Valle, Raciel Polygonal Complexes with Octahedral Links Leary, Ian
2011 Whitaker, Erica  Congruence and Noncongruence Subgroups of Γ(2) via Graphs on Surfaces Cogdell, James
2011 Xie, Zhizhang Analogues of ETA Invariants for Even Dimensional Manifolds Moscovici, Henri
2011 Zhang, Huaijian Boundary Integral Techniques in Three Dimensions for Deep Water Waves Baker, Gregory
2011 Zhang, Lizhi The Painleve Property and Nonintegrability; The Dirichlet Boundry Value Problem for Complex Monge-Amphere Type Equation Costin, Ovidiu
2010 Ahn, Sungwoo Transient and Attractor Dynamincs in Models for Odor Discrimination Terman, David
2010 File, Daniel Whitman On the Degree Five L-function for GSp(4) Cogdell, James
2010 Huang, Min Applications of Integral Transform Methods to the Schroedinger Equation and Dynamical Systems Costin, Ovidiu
2010 Im, Jeong Sook Comparison of the Korteweg-de Vries (KDV) equation with the Euler equations with irrotational initial conditions Baker, Gregory
2010 Joshi, Janhavi On the L2 Cohomology of complete Kahler convez manifolds McNeal, Jeffery
2010 Kadyrov, Shirali Entropy and excape of mass in noncompact homogeneous spaces Shah, Nimish
2010 Khare, Niraj Hypergraphs with restricted valency and matching number   Seress, Akos
2010 Kilanowski, Phillip  On the Kratky-Porod model for semi-flexible polymers in an external force field   March, Peter
2010 Kim, Kyung-Mi Test Vectors of Rankin-Selberg Convolutions of General Linear group Cogdell, James
2010 Lee, Gangyong Theory of Rickart Modules Rizvi, S. Tariq
2010 Lim, Changhoon On the Hypersurfaces of Constant Curvature in S^fn+1g with Boundary Guan, Bo
2010 Liu, Yu-Han Gradient Ideals Clemens, Herbert
2010 Mance, William Normal Numbers with respect to Cantor Series Expansion Bergelson, Vitaly
2010 Peng, Na Fractal Gauges for Hyperspace: One Limit Point Edgar, Gerald A.
2010 Su, Shu Numerical Approaches on Shape Optimization of Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems and Shape Study of Human Brains Kao, Chiu-Yen
2010 Wang, Jie Geometry of General Curves via Degenerations and Deformations Clemens, Herbert
2010 Wang, Ying Central Schemes for the Modified Buckley-Leverett Equation Kao, Chiu-Yen
2010 Werner, Nicholas  Integer-valued Polynomials over Quaternion Rings Loper, Alan
2010 Ye, Ji Global Existence For Bubbles In A Hele-Shaw Cell With Arbitrary Nonzero Surface Tension Tanveer, Saleh
2010 Zeki, Mustafa Discrete Analysis of Synchronized Oscillations in Excitatory-Inhibitory Neuronal Networks Terman, David
2010 Zeytuncu, Yunus Ergin Lp and Sobolev Regularity of Weighted Bergman Projections McNeal, Jeffery
2010 Zhang, Yanyan Periodic forcing of a System near a Hopf Bifurcation Point   Golubitsky, Martin
2009 Altomare, Christian  Degree Sequences, Forcibly Chordal Graphs, and Combinatorial Proof Sysems Robertson, G. Neil
2009 Bezugly, Andriy Reaction-Diffusion-Advection Models for Single and Multiple Species Lou, Yuan
2009 Griesmer, John  Ergodic averages, correlation sequences, and sumsets   Bergelson, Vitaly
2009 Joshi, Badal  A doubly stochastic poisson process model for wake-sleep cycling Best, Janet
2009 Kurt, Oguz On the Edge Coloring of Graphs Robertson, G. Neil
2009 Kwa, Kiam Heong Laser-driven charged particles as a dynamical system   Gerlach, Ulrich
2009 Li, Lingfei Functoriality of Harmonic Foliations Zheng, Fangyang
2009 Liu, Sheng-Chi Mass equidistribution of Hecke eigenforms on the Hilbert modular varieties   Luo, Wenzhi
2009 Luo, Guo Singularities in the complex spatial plane of a vortex sheet with blob regularization   Baker, Gregory
2009 McSweeney, John  Time to coalescence for a class of nonuniform allocation processes   Pittel, Boris
2009 Mehta, Nishali Graph Games Seress, Akos
2009 Pikula, Rafal Enveloping semigroups of affine skew products and Sturmian-like systems    Bergelson, Vitaly
2009 Puliyambalath, Naushad  Lambda designs for lambda less than 60   Seress, Akos
2009 Qiu, Zhi Study of ionization of quantum systems with delta potentials in damped and undamped time periodic fields Costin, Ovidiu
2009 Shi, Ronggang Equidistribution of expanding measures with local maximal dimension and Diophantine approximation   Einsiedler, Manfred
2009 Swartz, Eric  2-arc transitive polygonal graphs of large girth and valency   Seress, Akos
2009 Wang, Xueying Mechanisms of simple perceptual decision making processes   Terman, David
2009 Xie, Chao Singularities in the Uphysical Complex Plane for Deep Water Waves Baker, Gregory
2009 Young, Justin The Twisted Tensor L-function of GSp(4) Rallis, Stephen
2009 Yu, Yang A Numerical Approach for Interfacial Motion and Its Application to Viscous Effects in the Benjamin-Feir Instability Baker, Gregory
2009 Zhao, Peng Quantum Variance of Maass-Hecke Cusp Forms   Luo, Wenzhi
2008 Arms, Scott Minimal Heights in Number Fields Sinnott, Warren
2008 Ault, Shaun  Symmetric homology is analog of cyclic homology in which cyclic Fiedorowicz, Z.
2008 Balachandran, Niranjan The 3-Design Problem Robertson, G. Neil
2008 Hur, Suhkjin The Kuratowski covering conjecture for graphs of order <9 Glover, Henry H.
2008 Kar, Aditi Discrete Groups and CAT(o) Asymptotic Cones Chatterji, Indira
2008 Khoury, Michael Multiplicity One Results and Explicit Formulas for Quasi-Split p-adic Unitary Groups Cogdell, James
2008 McClain, Christopher Edge colorings of graphs and multigraphs   Robertson, G. Neil
2008 Nikolov, Martin  Construction of series of degenerate representations for GSp(2) and PGL(n)   Flicker, Yuval
2008 Niu, Liang The Vertex Primitive and Vertex Bi-primitive s-arc regular graphs Seress, Akos
2008 Schnell, Christian The boundary behavior of cohomology classes and singularities of normal functions   Clemens, Herbert
2008 Xiong, Wei Brownian Motion of A Particle Immersed in a Viscous Incompressible, Thermally Fluctuating Solvent March, Peter
2008 Xu, Songyun Degree 2 curves in the Dwork pencil   Clemens, Herbert
2008 Yang, Keyan On orbit equivalent permutation groups Seress, Akos
2008 Yeum, Ji-A Probability of Soluability of Random Systems of 2-Linear Equations over GF(2) Pittel, Boris
2007 Hambrock, Richard Evolution of conditional dispersal; a reaction-diffusion-advection aproach. Lou, Yuan
2007 Hammett, Adam  On Comparability of Random Permutations Pittel, Boris
2007 Lennon, Craig  On the likely number of stable marriages Pittel, Boris G.
2007 Park, Choongseok Irregular behaviour in an excitatory - inhibitory neural network Terman, David
2007 Pavlov, Ronald  Some results on recurrence and entropy   Bergelson, Vitaly
2007 Pu, Ming Pricing in the Actuarial Market March, Peter
2007 Qi, Dongwen On irreducible, infinite, non-affine coxeter groups   Davis, Michael
2007 Schoenecker, Kevin  An infinite family of anticommutative algebras with a cubic form   Wyman, Bostwick F.
2007 Stey, George  Asymptotic expansion for the L'Norm of N-Fold convolutions. McNeal, Jeffery D.
2006 Dimitrov, Youri Polynomially-Divided Solutions of Bipartite Self-Differential Functional Equations. Edgar, Gerald A.
2006 Fu, Yun Linear stability of an interface between two incompressible fluids   Baker, Gregory
2006 Guler, Dincer Chern forms of positive vector bundles   Zheng, Fangyang
2006 Lee, Seung Youn The Rouse Models in the Upper Half Space March, Peter
2006 McKinley, Scott  An existence result from the theory of fluctuating hydrodynamics of polymers in dilute solution   March, Peter
2006 Oman, Gregory  A generalization of jonsson modules over commutative rings with identity Loper, Alan
2006 Pitale, Ameya Lifting from SL(2) to GSpin(1,4)   Rallis, Steven
2006 Tsoi, Man Persistence of planar spiral waves under domain truncation near the core   Sandstede, B. & Lou, Y
2006 Wang, Hongyuan On a class of algebraic surfaces with numerically effective cotangent bundles   Zheng, Fangyang
2006 Xia, Honggang On zeros of cubic l-functions Luo, Wenzhi
2005 Chan, Ping-Shun Invariant representations of GSp(2)   Flicker, Yuval
2005 Ghazaryan, Anna  Nonlinear convective instability of fronts: A case study Sandstede, Bjorn
2005 Guloglu, Ahmet  On low-Lying zeros of automorphic L-Functions Luo, Wenzhi
2005 Kane, Abdoul Activity propagation in two-Dimensional neuronal networks Terman, David
2005 Kaygun, Atabey Bialgebra cyclic homology with coefficients Moscovici, Henri
2005 Kennel, Lauren Boundary behavior of the bergman kernel on locally strongly pseudoconvex domains with respect to weighted lebesgue measure McNeal, Jeffery
2005 Manukian, Vahagn Existence and stability of multi-pulses with applications to nonlinear optics   Sandstede, Bjorn
2005 Micu, Eliade Mihai Graph minors and Hadwiger's conjecture   Robertson, G. Neil
2005 Salminen, Adam  On the sources of simple modules in nilpotent blocks   Linckelman, Markus
2005 Wolfe, Adam  5-sparse steiner triple systems   Seress, Akos
2004 Antal, Tamas Cyclic cohomological computations for the Connes-Moscovici-Kreimer Hopf algebras   Moscovici, Henri
2004 Argesanu, George  Risk analysis and hedging and incomplete markets   Wyman, Bostwick F.
2004 Herbig, Anne-Katrin A sufficient condition for subellipticity of the d-bar-Neumann problem   McNeal, Jeffery D.
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