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Course and Semester Withdrawals

Dropping a Class with a W

Students struggling in a course should consult with their instructor about academic support resources or the possibility of taking an incomplete prior to dropping the course. DO NOT just stop attending and assume the instructors will drop courses on a student's behalf; arrangements should be made to drop courses and/or withdraw from the university by the student.  Any questions regarding withdrawing and dropping classes from a semester schedule should be directed to the student's major academic advisor.

Students pursuing a petition to retroactively drop classes or withdraw from the university should do so in a timely manner, usually within 1-2 terms of the semester or session in question. Successful petitions result in changes to the academic record, but will most likely not result in changes to tuition, fees, or refunds if they are requested more than one term before the current term.

For more details regarding timelines for dropping classes, and the repercussions this may have both financially and academically, students should be sure to visit the Office of the University Registrar.

Withdrawing from OSU

Before withdrawing from any coursework (or deciding not to enroll for the next term), students should consult with their major academic advisor first.  He/She will talk with students about time-to-degree and other academic considerations.

For questions related to fees and financial aid as a result of withdrawing from classes or taking a leave of absence, please visit the official withdrawal procedures page.