Transfer Credit

The Department of Mathematics at OSU has regulations that incoming and current students should be aware of regarding transfer credit. Students should review all information before starting the evaluation process or signing up for courses at OSU or another institution.

Understand Math Transfer Credit at OSU - Most math courses will transfer to OSU automatically, without the need of an evaluation by the department. Students should review how math courses transfer to OSU before starting the evaluation process.

Evaluate Math Transfer Credit - All new students need to have their transfer credit evaluated before attending orientation in order to sign up for further coursework.

Taking Classes at Another Institution - Information for current OSU students interested in taking a math course at another institution.

Awaiting Final Transcript and Enrolling in Further Coursework - Students will not be permitted to enroll in math courses until a final transcript has been received. Students should review the instructions for enrolling in further coursework.

Proficiency Exams - Students who believe their math placement results are inaccurate may schedule an in-person, proctored Proficiency Exam for the course of their initial placement.