Math Biology Track

Complexity and diversity of mathematical models and quantitative data applied in life sciences has increased dramatically over the years.  This track prepares students for research-based careers and graduate studies in biological and medical fields such as (but not limited to) genomics, neuroscience, and molecular modeling.

Students may review the requirements and sample schedule for the Math Biology Track on the Math Biology Track Requirements and Sample Schedule [pdf] handout.

Biology Math Track Requirements

Anyone interested in majoring in biological mathematics will be required to complete the following coursework, with prerequisite work in both math and natural science subject areas. After completing the required courses, students pick elective hours that highlight the focus of their future career and research interests.  Many of the elective options students will take have been pre-selected by faculty in order to fully align this math major to the biological science careers of the future.  Students need 6 credit hours total from the elective options. Coursework must come from both the math and biological science areas.

Prerequisite Courses:

  • Math 1295 Introductory Math Major Seminar (1 cr.)
  • Math 1151 Calculus I (5 cr.)
  • Math 1152 Calculus II (5 cr.)
  • Bio 1113 Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development (4 cr.)
  • Bio 1114 Biological Sciences: Form, Function, Diversity, and Ecology (4 cr.)
  • Chem 1210 General Chemistry I (5 cr.)

Biology Track Course Requirements:

  • Math 2153 Calculus III (4 cr.)
  • Math 3345 Foundations of Higher Mathematics (3 cr.)
  • Math 2568 Linear Algebra (3 cr.)
  • Math 4530 Probability(3 cr.)  or Stat 4201 Introduction to Math Statistics I (4 cr.)
  • Stat 4202 Introduction to Math Statistics II (4 cr.)
  • Math 2255 Differential Equations and Their Applications (3 cr.)
  • Math 3350 Introduction to Mathematical Biology (3cr.)
  • Choose one:
    • Math 5660 or MolGen 5660 Integrated Molecular and Cellular Biology for Non-Biologists (5 cr.)
    • Bio 3401 Integrated Biology (4 cr.)
  • Applied Math Courses: choose 2 of the 3:
    • Math 3607 Beginning Scientific Computing (3 cr.)
    • Math 4556 Dynamical Systems (3 cr.)
    • Math 4557 Partial Differential Equations (3 cr.)
  • Applied Math Electives (6 credit hour minimum):

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Sample 4 Year Schedule

Additional hours may be necessary depending on course selection.

Year 1

Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Math 11515Math 11525
Chem 12105Math 12951
ARTSSCI 1100.011Biology 11134
GE3English 11103
Total Hours17Total Hours16

Year 2

Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Math 21534Math 33453
Biology 11144Math 22553
GE3Math 25683
Total Hours14Total Hours12

Year 3

Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Math 4530 or Stat 42013-4Stat 42024
Biol 3401, Math 5660 or MolGen 56604-5Applied Math Course or Elective 3-5
GE3Math 33503
Total Hours10-12Total Hours10-12

Year 4

Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Applied Math Course or Elective3-5Applied Math Course or Elective 3-5
Applied Math Course or Elective 3-5GE3
Total Hours9-12Total Hours9-11

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